What Is the Best Thread Count?

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When shopping for bedding, there’s one term that tends to crop up more frequently than all the others, and that’s the thread count. Referring to the horizontal and vertical number of threads comprising a square inch of fabric, thread count can impact the quality of a given bedding article. However, false marketing claims have given shoppers an incorrect understanding of what this term really means. Contrary to popular belief, a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily correlate with better-quality sheets and blankets. At Pure Parima, we strive to provide customers with high-quality Egyptian cotton that maintains its beauty and softness for years to come. Keep reading to learn more about thread count and discover how to choose the best sheets for your family.

The Truth About Thread Count

For years, bedding companies have made bank by misleading customers into believing they’re buying sheets with a thread count of 1,000 or higher. However, the truth is that it’s physically impossible to fit more than about 800 threads in a given square inch of fabric. So how do retailers continue to sell these products? To arrive at these inflated numbers, companies use deceptive tactics and marketing products made with lower-quality cotton and blends. The end result is a rougher-feeling sheet or duvet cover that pills, tears, and falls apart in the wash. 

Single Versus Multi-Ply Yarn

One of the biggest scams employed by low-end bedding suppliers is using strands of multi-ply yarn and passing off the result as premium cotton. Made by twisting two or thread strands of low-quality thread together, multi-ply yarn can have an inflated thread count. But the fabric is ultimately heavier, rougher, and less breathable. On the other hand, the single-ply yarn has a lower thread count because it’s woven with one strand of long-staple, quality cotton. Exceptionally soft and delightfully durable, single-ply yarn results in breathable, long-lasting sheets that feel like silk against the skin. If you want a truly luxurious night’s rest, it’s important to focus more on cotton quality than thread count when selecting bedding.

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The Ideal Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Recognizing that higher thread counts can yield sheets with tighter, stiffer weaves, savvy shoppers know to avoid sheets that list a thread count over 800. If the count claims to be higher than 800, the fabric tends to be heavy and may lack breathability. If your goal is light, ultra-silky bedding, aim for sheets made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton that prioritizes high quality threads for durable, soft fabric.

The Importance of Weave

Thread count is just one of many factors that impact bedding quality and comfort. If you want to sleep well through all four seasons, it pays to consider the weave of your bedding. Those who love the fresh, crisp feel of luxury hotel bedding will likely be drawn to a percale weave. Featuring a one-over, one-under pattern, this tight-knit weave has a clean feel and a beautiful matte appearance. While slightly stiffer than sateen, percale is perfect for staying cool on hot summer nights. If you suffer from night sweats or just tend to sleep hot, consider our Ultra Percale Sheet Set, which features a timeless design that’s also sophisticated. The collection comes in an array of colors, including new shades Bone and Slate.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

While some sleepers rest best under percale, others prefer their bedding to feel like silk. Sateen wins coverts due to their buttery soft texture. This weave, which features the one-over, three or four-under pattern, is less likely to wrinkle than percale. It also tends to be warmer, making it a great choice for those residing in cooler climates. As a bonus, sateen has a lustrous finish that adds a regal feel to any bedroom. For a sateen bedding set that’s sure to please, opt for the classic beauty of our Yalda Sheet Set. Simple yet stylish, this collection is crafted from extra-long staple cotton fibers that were hand-picked to ensure their strength and durability. Along with a silky smooth finish, the Yalda sheets boast double-hem stitching and come in an array of exciting hues. Opt for a classic like White or Grey or try our newest shades, Canyon and Olive. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Discover the Beauty of Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Pure Parima’s Egyptian cotton bedding owes its silky texture to its natural, extra-long staple fibers. Grown in the mild climate and vitamin-rich soil of the fertile Nile River Valley, these fibers are picked by hand at the perfect time. The end result is a premium yarn that’s smoother, stronger, and more luxurious than the competition. Pure Parima then crafts its yarn into long-lasting, durable bedding that’s resistant to pills, rips, or tears. Shop online today and start getting better rest. 

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