What is Egyptian Cotton and Why Do You Need it?

You deserve a calm and quiet bedroom with comfortable bedding to help give you a good night’s sleep and ready to face the next day’s challenges. For a good night's sleep, a comfortable bed is the most important. Give your bed the luxury feel you deserve by getting yourself 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton Bedding.

Egyptian Cotton by Pure Parima is the best material to have in your bedding products! Egyptian Cotton is the most superior type of fabric and here’s why:

  • Certified Pure Egyptian Cotton is only hand-picked in Egypt near the Nile River where it is grown in nutrient dense soil. The Nile River Valley has the best conditions in the world to grow cotton.
  • Quality selection is of premium Giza that has extra-long staples. Extra-long staple cotton fibers create stronger yarn that doesn't pill.
  • Cotton is grown at the very fertile river bank of the Nile river with extra care and love.
  • Our signature collection, Yalda, features a sateen weave to provide a silky and luxurious texture.
  • Skilled artisans have handcrafted Egyptian Cotton bedding products that provide an ultra-luxurious feel to your bed.
  • Egyptian Cotton holds dye better than other cotton.
  • Easy cleaning by use of washing machines, which requires no extra hand care while washing. If washed correctly, the texture will become softer and even more comfortable.
  • Available in all bed sizes.

From Where it Began..

History of Egyptian Cotton dates back to the 19th century. Mohammad Ali Pascia, the founder of modern Egypt was the one who planted this cotton. This step was taken by this great man as a symbol to rebuild Egypt after the French troops, under Napoleon, invaded Egypt. Ali Pascia was impressed by regular cotton and the fabric it produced that he had Brazilian cotton seeds imported. The environment of the rich Nile River suited the seeds so well that it gave birth to a new type of cotton that cannot be found anywhere else. Thus Egyptian Cotton was born, a cotton which is desired by everyone around the globe.

The Journey from Egypt to Our Bedrooms:

In the east of the Nile delta, there is a very small area which has been devoted to growing Egyptian Cotton. The amount of Egyptian Cotton grown makes 0.5% of the total cotton being produced in Egypt annually. There is no technological method to harvest the Egyptian cotton crops and they are all meticulously picked by hand. The pickers only pick the flocks that are mature to the exact right extent by carefully examining the crops. 

What Makes Giza the Best Type of Egyptian Cotton:

The exceptional features of Giza makes this the best type of Egyptian cotton. No other type surpasses the quality and comfort that Giza provides.

(i)     Extra-Long Fibers:

The extra-long fibers of Giza Egyptian Cotton contributes in making it the best type of Egyptian Cotton. The fibers can reach up to 36mm and they even have a uniformity index of 88.5%.

(ii)   Fine Fibers:

The reason why Giza is the best type of Egyptian Cotton is because of its fine fibers. The fineness of the fibers is exquisite; it lies in the range of 3 to 3.2 micronaire, while the degree of brightness goes up to 74.8.

(iii) Stretching Resistance:

Another factor that makes Giza the best type is its stretching resistance. The stretching resistance of Giza Egyptian Cotton is high and can go up to 44.30 g/tex on average which is a feature not found in other types of cotton.

Giza: The Best Kind of Egyptian Cotton You Can Get

Egyptian Cotton is the world’s softest and luxurious type of fabric. Pure Parima Bedding, made from 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton, provides people with the ultimate comfort they need to get a good night's sleep. The highest grade Giza is spun into the finest and strongest yarns and this is what makes it possible to weave this into higher thread count sateen. Demand for the finest yarns is high but due to the delicacy and time it requires for it to be grown, very limited quantity is supplied.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Giza Egyptian Cotton Makes the Best Bed Sheets:

Sheet sets made out of Giza Egyptian Cotton have no match. The luxurious, smooth texture the cotton provides is unparalleled. These sheet sets not only provide you the rest needed but the soft feel you’re looking for. When you plan on designing the perfect bedroom for yourself, make sure that you get Giza Egyptian Cotton Bedding from Pure Parima.

A Sleeping Experience Worth All the Money:

Egyptian Cotton provides people with a sleeping experience that cannot be achieved through any other type of fabric. The comfort, rest and the luxurious feel you receive with Egyptian Cotton is not provided by any other fabric. With this material bedding, get ready for a sleeping experience you never had before. So, whenever you are thinking about buying sheet sets for your bedroom, Egyptian Cotton should be on your must-have list! This type of bedding will complete the purpose of your bedroom that is to provide you with the calm, cozy and comfortable environment you need.


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