Wedding to Attend? Give the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep

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There are few things more special than watching two people you love tie the knot. And while it’s natural for the couple getting married to be stressed about the big day, party attendants can also feel the pressure. After all, you need to find the perfect present to show the happy couple you care. If you’re attending a wedding in the coming months, think about surprising the newlyweds with the gift of a great night’s sleep. From Egyptian Cotton sheets to plush duvet covers, keep reading to discover the best gifts to help married couples rest easier.

Matching Sleep Masks

Looking for a wedding gift that’s as cute as it is functional? Matching sleep masks are a great choice for couples who might not be accustomed to sharing a space and anyone who struggles with insomnia. For best results, choose a mask that fits snugly, blocks out the light, and feels soft to the touch. The last thing you want is a sleep mask irritating the sensitive skin around the eyes. With the right sleep mask, one partner can easily drift off to dreamland while the other stays up late reading or watching TV.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Some wedding gifts won’t get much use -- we’re looking at you, artisanal ice cream maker. On the other hand, a high-end set of sheets will be enjoyed eight hours a day, 365 days a year. For a present that’s truly special, opt for a new set of sheets made from 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton. Cool and smooth, this material is both moisture wicking and durable, so it’s sure to last for years to come. Consider these crisp super cooling sheets featuring Ultra Matte Percale. Part of Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection, this bedding lets the sleeper experience five-star accommodations without ever leaving home.

ultra percale egyptian cotton sheets

A Duvet to Snuggle Up

There are few things more delicious than cuddling in bed with that special someone. For a gift that promotes both good sleep and romance, consider one of the duvet covers from Pure Parima’s Ariane Collection. Featuring elegant scroll embroidery over sumptuous sateen fabric, these Egyptian cotton duvet covers are as beautiful as they are cozy. As a bonus, they’re proven to help regulate body temperature on hot nights. Not sure what color the happy couple would prefer? We recommend opting for a neutral shade like white, ivory, or grey. It’s likely to go with everything in their bedroom.

ariane collection certified egyptian cotton sheets

Shop Pure Parima's Holiday Sale

Pure Parima was founded with the belief that everyone deserves to sleep well in their own bed. Unlike other sheet suppliers, we don’t use artificial softeners on our products. Instead, all our Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, and duvets are crafted with extra-long fibers that were hand-picked in the Nile River Valley. The end result is a smoother, stronger yarn that stays soft and lasts longer. Shop our limited-time savings today and find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

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