Unique Bedroom Styles to Revitalize Your Home

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Revamp your space into a private sanctuary with just the right bedroom style for you! When it comes to choosing a style, it can quickly become overwhelming with the vast selection available leaving you feeling helpless as to where to start in your reno journey. But look no further, the Pure Parima team is here to help!  Whether it's the vintage timeless touch or the modern sleek look, let’s explore the world bedroom styles to truly find your perfect match.


Originating from the nordic countries, this decorating style is minimalistic at its finest. Achieved with a softer look of raw wood, natural elements and textures, and a select color palette of whites, muted pastels, and touches of grey and black. Typical scandinavian style allows for the room to be open and airy with plenty of space between furniture to embrace simplicity. Granting an uncongested feeling when you walk into the room, and relieve your weight of stress from the commotion of everyday life.


The traditional style bedroom encompasses a truly timeless and classic design.  Bedding, curtains, rugs, etc. that fill the space follow looks with opulent hues and large embellishments and motifs. As seen in the unique pattern lining the border of our elegant Ariane collection, which provides a brilliant display within the woven design that contributes to the traditional feel without overpowering the simplicity of the sheets. Paired with curly appliques and rich colors, the addition of ivory and blush tones elevate the traditional designs to create a positively elegant and romantic look for your exclusive getaway.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets


The distant relative to its more sophisticated modern design, a soft contemporary style can be found. A contemporary look can be achieved using relaxed patterns with an open, simplistic scheme inclusive of pops of color. Repetition in patterns, such as the diamond piping on the Hira collection or the double hem-stitch design of the classic Yalda collection, embody the contemporary look. Each piece from these collections pair brilliantly with the pastel and warm toned color options as an ode to the playful, mid-century modern eclectic styles of the late 30s to 60s.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets


Clean cut lines + simple color palette + rich materials = modern. Similar to the Hotel style, the modern style is adorned with simple stripe lined borders, or little to none decoration to achieve a polished final look. A clean cut design is always a fan favorite when it comes to the bedroom to create a luxurious space in your very own home. The display can be effortlessly created with a very simple headboard and pieces of furniture, paired with white and cool tones to express the modern feel. United with the Triple Luxe Sateen collection to your modern bedroom, which exemplifies the hotel and modern styles with the simplistic striped border available in multiple color options, will truly elevate your modern bedroom.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets


Thinking of the take me back to summer vacation by the beach, with the soft sand beneath your feet, ivory shells,  and clear blue ocean lined by frothy sea foam hitting the shore? Coastal embodies the relaxing hues of whites and blues to create the calming escape within the comforts of home. Using very light paint colors and a warm basket weaved headboard can easily transform your space for a coastal feel. The combination of subtle emblems of seashells and starfish, and clean sleek white sheets or spa and icy blue colors, create a peaceful environment enjoyable for all ages.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

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For any look you desire, a Pure Parima collection awaits you. Our sheets pair greatly with several combinations of pillows, bedding, furniture, and beyond. Building a bedroom that nurtures your well being and mental health is necessary to ensure you are truly rested and recharged for the next day. Shop Pure Parima today to perfect your bedroom into a true oasis!

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