Ultra Percale vs. Ultra Sateen

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

As we welcome our brand new collection, Ultra Sateen, let us take a deep dive into the differences and similarities between Ultra Sateen and our beloved Ultra Percale collection. Both from the hotel collection, Ultra Sateen and Ultra Percale provide luxury hotel quality in two completely different ways. Read on to learn more about what sets them apart and find out which one is best for you.

What is Ultra Percale?

As the name suggests, this collection is a percale fabric that is created using a one-over, one-under weave pattern. This results in a matte and crisp finish and feel and provides a cooler sleep. Best for hot sleepers, Ultra Percale is our most cooling collection yet and is a favorite amongst our customers. If you are looking for bedding that is cool and comfortable with a coarser hand feel, this one's for you. Available in four exquisite colors including White, Bone, Slate, and Carbon.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

What is Ultra Sateen?

Our Ultra Sateen collection, on the other hand, is a sateen fabric that is created using a three-over, one-under weave pattern. This weave makes for a very soft, silky, and smooth fabric. If you are a fan of the soft and smooth texture, opt for sateen sheets. Super luxurious and breathable, Ultra Sateen provides warmth and comfort through elevated luxury and sophistication. Our Ultra Sateen collection comes in four colors as well, White, Ivory, Icy Blue, and Charcoal.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

How Do They Compare?

What makes Ultra Sateen and Ultra Percale fall in a similar category is their design features. Both part of the hotel collection, Ultra Sateen, and Ultra Percale both feature a single-needle stitch design across the pillowcases, flat sheets, shams, and duvet covers. This classic, yet sought-after style is perfect for any bedroom. If you are looking for a versatile sheet set or duvet cover, but prefer simple over embroidery, all you have to do is choose your desired hand feel, and voila - you found your dream bedding! 

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