The Truth About Egyptian Cotton

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Plant

Savvy bedding shoppers know that it’s hard to beat the beauty and comfort of pure Egyptian cotton bedding. However, retailers have been under fire of late for selling products that claim to be Egyptian cotton but actually contain lesser cottons and blends. Fortunately, there are steps customers can take to evaluate potential purchases and ensure they aren’t being misled. At Pure Parima, we’re proud to say that all our bedding products are made with 100 percent certified cotton from Egypt’s Nile River Valley. Keep reading to learn about Egyptian cotton and discover how to tell if what you’re buying is the real deal. 

DNA Testing/Certification

The good news is you don’t have to take a retailer’s word for it that their products are made with real Egyptian cotton. In 2009, a company called Applied DNA surveyed apparel and home textile products that claimed to be made from Egyptian cotton. The results of the DNA testing revealed that 89 percent of products had been mislabeled, and nearly half contained primarily basic Upland cotton. Ensuring products undergo mill audits and DNA testing is the only way to assess whether they’re the real deal. 


Because Egyptian cotton is made with long-staple fibers that last for years, the fabric tends to be more expensive than other options on the market. In particular, customers should be suspicious when they see Egyptian cotton sheet sets listed at a deep discount, as these products are more likely to be manufactured from lesser cottons and cotton blends. Additionally, shoppers should look out for textiles that claim to be Made in Egypt, as this phrase often confuses people into assuming something is crafted with real Egyptian cotton. 

Verifying Authority

Of course, most people don’t have the time or ability to do their own cotton DNA testing. If you want to know whether the bedding you’re considering is the real deal. Look for a seal of authenticity from an organization like the Cotton Egypt Association. At Pure Parima, we regularly undergo mill adults and DNA testing by the CEA. As a result, every bedding product we sell bears the accredited gold seal to show it contains 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton and no substitutes. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Seal

What’s So Great About Egyptian Cotton?

There are various reasons Egyptian cotton has earned a reputation as the king of cotton. Benefiting from the temperate climate in this part of the world, Egyptian cotton fibers are grown in fertile soil supplied by the vitamins and minerals of the Nile River. The result is strong, extra-long staple cotton fibers that break less when spun into yarn. 

Additionally, Egyptian cotton fibers tend to be smoother and more luxurious than the competition. Because the fabric resists pilling, ripping, and tearing, the products stay soft to the touch. So you don’t have to replace your sheets and pillowcases as frequently as you would with lower-end cottons or other materials. And because Egyptian cotton is both moisture-wicking and highly breathable, you can rest assured knowing you’ll stay cool and dry year-round. 

It’s worth noting that Egyptian cotton is becoming harder to find. This trend is due in large part to the fact that Egypt’s cotton fields are disappearing because of a lack of government subsidies. Bedding shoppers seeking the real deal have to take care and do their research. 

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Pure Parima offers a wide selection of Egyptian cotton sheets featuring different weaves and styles. While all certified cotton bedding is built to last, customers who prefer their bedding to feel like silk will likely be drawn to our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set from the Hotel Collection. This sumptuous sheet set has a subtle sheen and opaque sateen weave. Coming complete with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases, the collection gets added style points thanks to the addition of triple embroidered stitching and a subtle stripe pattern. Choose from an array of colors, including Gold and Teal. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Hot sleepers and those who appreciate bedding with snap will surely want to snuggle up in our Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, this fresh-feeling set is at once cozy and cooling. The matte percale fabric is made from extra-long staple fibers and embellished with a simple yet sleek design. Try it out today in new shades Bone and Slate and love the way your bed looks again. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Discover the Benefits of Real Egyptian Cotton

Silky soft and impressively breathable, Egyptian cotton keeps sleepers cool and dry year-round. And because our products are made free from harmful chemicals and substances, you don’t have to worry about the place where your family members lay their heads. Shop our selection of Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers today and experience the Pure Parima difference firsthand. 

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