The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets to Upgrade Your Bedroom

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets luxury bedroom design

Hop into spring with new Egyptian Cotton Linen and a bedroom makeover. Experienced interior designers recommend that we offer our bedrooms a new look every so often to keep up with emerging trends and avoid our space looking very outdated. So, keep reading to find the most effortless secrets to glow up your bedroom this spring season.

Rejuvenate with Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Highlight your spring-cleaning efforts by enhancing your bed for the most remarkable transformation this breezy season. When we want to transform our bed, we must perfect the base layers before adding more to the top. 

Those interested in a sleek and sophisticated spring bedroom will benefit from the Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set made with 100% Giza Certified Egyptian Cotton. The Hotel collection adds a luxurious aesthetic to your room, so you and your guests feel like you are at an oasis nightly. The soft Sateen weaving of the Triple Luxe set is our softest fabric yet with an opaque finish that will adorn your bed with sophistication. 

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets triple luxe sateen

If you want to add romance back into your bedroom this season, the Ariane linen will be the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for you. The Timeless design of this collection is elegant and romantic, with self-colored scroll embroidery that embodies true luxury.

Renew Your Bed with a Duvet Cover

Instantly transform your space with a new duvet cover. The Duvet Cover is genuinely a work of art for effortless bedroom glow-ups as they slip easily over your duvet, much like a pillowcase would. You can completely change the ambiance of your bedroom without ever having to buy a new duvet. Pure Parima offers 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers for every style. If you enjoy having your bedroom look and feel like a lavish hotel, the Hira Duvet Cover is perfect for your classic style. Those looking to transform their bedroom into a romantic getaway would find serenity in the Ariane Duvet Cover Set. Finally, if you want your space to reflect your sophisticated self, the Yalda Duvet Cover Set is what you need.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover set sateen

Watch Your Bedroom Bloom with Fresh Paint

Add vibrance to your bedroom by changing plain walls into a more fitting color for you. A fresh coat of paint will make you feel like you are in a renewed space and is the ultimate key to a bedroom glow-up. Before slathering paint onto your walls, a pro tip is to know the color scheme you would like to emulate throughout the entire room. Keep in mind the color of your comforter and décor; your walls will act as the foundation for this color selection. For example, if you adorn your bed with the Hira Duvet Cover Set in Charcoal, consider painting your walls red for a dramatic, alluring color scheme. However, if you drape your bed with the Diamond Quilted Coverlet in Soft Peach, consider painting your walls a sophisticated grey to create a two-toned room with an elegant finish.

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