Tear a Hole in the Thread Count Myth

thread count myth

Between supersized fast food meals and big-screen TVs, it’s no secret that Americans equate “more” with “better.” However, when it comes to thread count, this maxim simply doesn’t hold true. While unreliable bedding companies would have customers believe that higher thread counts equate to superior sheets, the fact is that quality isn’t just a number. If you want help determining the best Egyptian cotton sheets on the market, keep reading as we tear a hole in the thread count myth.

How Thread Count Works

Thread count is a term for the number of horizontal and vertical threads that comprise one square inch of fabric. While it’s natural to assume an increase in the thread count of a sheet will translates to a better-quality product, the truth is that there are other factors to consider when buying Egyptian cotton sheets. Moreover, some manufacturers mislead the public when it comes to sheet count. The fact is that one square inch of fabric simply can’t fit 1,000 threads, and companies that profess to be selling 1,000-count sheets are actually using 500 two-ply threads, woven together. According to a New York Times article, customers should be suspicious of any sheets that claim to be over 800 threads per square inch.


The Secret to Breathable Bedding

Along with conveying a false message to customers, high thread counts can sometimes translate to lower-quality products. The fact is that sheets with thread counts of 1,000 or 1,800 are actually bulkier and more abrasive than those made with thread counts around 400. This is because the threads have been twisted together in order to make the fabric thicker. The result is often bedding that’s stiff and coarse to the touch. 

Additionally, inflated thread counts can lead to a warmer night’s sleep. The thicker fabric tends to result in less breathability. As a result, you might find yourself waking up hot and soaked in sweat. If you want to ensure a great night’s rest every time you lay your head on the pillow, consider choosing sheets designed to wick moisture and keep you cool.

How Egyptian Cotton Sheets Help You Sleep Easier

True Egyptian cotton comes from the Nile River Valley in Egypt, where the soil is rich with vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to its extra-long staple fibers, sheets made from this material are stronger, softer, and more durable than the competition. So they’re less likely to fray and pill like cheaper sheets. Egyptian cotton fibers are also finer than other cottons, allowing for more threads to fit in a square inch without compromising breathability. If you want to purchase the best sheets on the market, avoid short-staple and cotton blends in favor of high-quality 100% certified Egyptian cotton sheets from Pure Parima.

Sleep Easier With Pure Parima Sheets

Breathable, soft, and long lasting, Pure Parima products are all made with high-quality, natural materials. And because they’re environmentally conscious and biodegradable, you can feel good about purchasing the best Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers, only from our website! Browse online today and take your first step on the road to better sleep.

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