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pure parima egyptian cotton towels

An easy way to sustain a more eco-friendly lifestyle is by prioritizing the sustainability of your commonly used products, including linens. Believe it or not, your bath linens and accessories can be just as sustainable depending on the material and type that you use. Take a look at what features make our bath products renewable.

Reusable Storage Tote

Just like our bedding sets, our towel set comes to you in reusable storage as well for easy access and stowing. Every towel set is equipped with its very own canvas storage tote for the perfect way to keep your towels clean, neat, and organized. Use the tote for your linens in your bath closet or use for additional storage in your bedroom, office, or wherever you need a little touch of organization!

pure parima egyptian cotton towel set

OEKO-Tex Certified

Every Pure Parima product is certified safe of harmful chemicals to ensure you are using only the safest and cleanest products. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t use any chemicals that can be harmful to you or our planet. Bundle up in the softest linens with the confidence that you are submerged in authentic, clean materials. 

Egyptian Cotton

All of our towels and robes are made with 100% pure authentic Egyptian cotton, which eliminates the use of artificial manufacturing and chemical use for a product that is derived straight from the plant. The extra strength that the long staple fibers provide allows the towels to withstand constant use and thus extend longevity. This helps reduce excess waste as your towels will not need to be replaced as often. 

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

No Plastic

With our reusable totes, pouches and gift boxes, we eliminate the need for unnecessary plastic packaging. Without extra plastic waste, we can help keep the planet cleaner one purchase at a time. From bedding to bath, we got you covered in the most luxurious linens made to provide you with quality made to last.

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