Summer Sleep Hygiene Tips

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For a fresh and hygienic sleep routine, try following these simple tips to help keep your bed as clean as can be during the hottest season. This time of year provokes a higher sweat rate and can change your sleep schedule or habits. Embracing these few extra steps can be very beneficial this time of year. 

Wash Your Bedding More Frequently

Since the summer season is so hot, it’s more likely that you will develop more sweat and become more uncomfortable, especially throughout the night when you are all wrapped up in your sheets. This natural process can, in fact, increase the amount of sweat that stains your sheets and can possibly produce more odors. Washing your sheets twice a week instead of once a week is a great way to eliminate any unwanted irritation or stains that can produce more quickly in the heat.

Take Extra Showers

You might find that you are showering more often during the hot summer months to help remove any sweat that may have built up throughout the day. Showing more often means washing your towels more often, so it’s important to stock up on durable, quality bath linens that are able to withstand the constant usage. Egyptian cotton towels and robes provide a lusciously soft and plush handfeel and have a stronger, more durable fabric.

Keep Bedroom & Bedding Cool

Try maintaining a cooler temperature in your bedroom during the night with your thermostat as well as your bedding. Choose percale sheets over sateen as this weave will provide a cooler, more breathable sleep with less night sweats and overall discomfort. Our Egyptian cotton percale set, Ultra Percale, makes for a crisp, matte, and cooling fabric that works best for hot sleepers and warmer climates.


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Comfortable Bedding Basics

Ensure cooling comfort with duvets and pillows that provide the perfect balance between plush and cozy, and cool and breathable. Opt for our lightweight down alternative duvet option for a cool covering without the heaviness or extra warmth. Pair with down alternative pillows and create a cloud-like bed, perfect for year-round comfort.

pure parima lightweight down alternative duvet

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