Should I Buy Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton is hand-picked in the Nile River Valley and has long been a much sought-after bedding sheet. The fibers in Egyptian-grown cotton are long and yet short in diameter, making it more robust than other types of cotton, such as Central American cotton and South African cotton. You should buy Egyptian cotton if you are looking for durable bed sheets. Getting sheets made from this premium fiber is also a worthwhile investment as it absorbs moisture, doesn’t fray after repeated washes, and keeps a cool temperature. 

If you’re still unsure about purchasing authentic Egyptian cotton sheets due to their price, this article will explain why the price is justifiable. It will also compare and contrast Egyptian cotton with other popular bed sheets to determine which is better. 

Let’s begin!

7 Reasons to Buy Egyptian Cotton

1. It's Durable

Think about how often you use your bedsheets - literally every day! Plus, you’re using them for around 7-8 hours every time, which adds up to a lot of use. 

The make-up of Egyptian cotton fibers is unique. These fibers are thin in diameter and longer bedsheets in length. This means that Egyptian cotton can withhold excessive usage and is overall far more durable than other bed sheet types. 

2. It's Really Soft

It’s super soft! Egyptian cotton yarn is super flexible. This makes it both strong and durable but also super soft on the skin. Egyptian cotton gets softer over time. Continued washing softens out the fiber threads and removes a lot of the chemicals stuck to the cotton from the factory. The results are unbelievable softness. 

3. It's Breathable 

Egyptian cotton maintains that just-washed feeling for longer than any other type of fiber. It is also supple and very lightweight, ensuring that heat doesn’t get trapped under the sheets while you sleep. If you’re a particularly hot sleeper, Egyptian cotton should be your bedsheets of choice. 

Its ability to breathe, plus its ability to absorb sweat, allows you to get a good night's sleep without waking in the middle of the night due to overheating. If you live in a warm country, Egyptian cotton is a perfect bedsheet for hot climates. This is why many of the leading hotels use it exclusively as their standard bedding. 

4. It's Also Suitable for the Winter Months 

Despite being typically perceived as a ‘summer sheet’,’ Egyptian cotton also makes a great winter warmer sheet, too! Egyptian cotton is sufficient in providing insulation to the user on harsh, snowy nights. It’s also possible to get thicker Egyptian cotton sheets if you’re looking for something a little warmer. 

When buying Pure Parima Egyptian cotton, keep an eye on the type of weave, and purchase based on how cold or warm you want the sheets to be. 

5. It Doesn't Pill

One easy way to determine whether your Egyptian cotton is genuine or not is by assessing it for signs of lint after washing. Lint is formed when smaller fibers break away from the main fabric after washing. Most other bedsheets will produce lint to an excessive degree after a long period of usage. 

6. It's Lustrous & Smooth

The long fibers afford Egyptian cotton a more even finish, making it look a whole lot neater. If you’re concerned about the aesthetic of your bedroom, Egyptian cotton is a way to ensure that your bed always looks good. 

7. It Helps With Getting The Best Night's Sleep

Due to Egyptian cotton’s undeniable softness and all the other factors mentioned above, it is the style of bed sheet that doctors often recommend to patients who are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia patients are often told to create a more sleep-friendly environment in their bedroom, and Egyptian cotton often plays a crucial role in achieving that. It’s called creating better ‘sleep hygiene’ to achieve more healthy sleeping patterns.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Is Egyptian cotton better than regular cotton?

Many who are shopping on a budget will pick a cheaper alternative to Egyptian cotton to save money. Although it may seem like an economical choice, other kinds of cotton are not as durable as Egyptian cotton, so you’ll need to buy the cheaper option more regularly. There are a lot of benefits Egyptian Cotton holds over regular cotton:

It's Stronger

Regular cotton is made with much shorter fibers than Egyptian cotton, making it weaker and less durable. Standard cotton will not hold up for long, especially if you’re washing it regularly, as it will quickly break apart and quickly produce lint. 

It's Softer

Although regular cotton may appear to be slightly softer than Egyptian cotton at first, its soft properties will quickly fade, and you’ll be left with uncomfortable sheets. Egyptian cotton needs to be used and washed regularly to unlock its full softness potential. Through washing and using the sheets, the fibers in Egyptian cotton will become more flexible, and therefore more soft on the skin. Egyptian cotton will get softer overtime, whereas regular cotton will get rougher and more uncomfortable. 

It's More Eco-Friendly

The main reason that Egyptian cotton is more expensive is that it’s imported. However, some Egyptian cottons are more expensive due to the fact they are organically sourced. Pure Parima uses Giza Egyptian cotton for its sheets, including this set labeled as sustainableRegular cotton is made in much bigger batches. This requires much more water and creates far more pollution than Egyptian cotton plants. 

Plus, given that Egyptian cotton is more durable than regular cotton, it’s a more eco-friendly investment, as you’ll only need to purchase one sheet. With regular cotton, you’ll often have to buy new sheets, which is worse for the environment. The fact that only 0.5% of the world’s entire cotton production is accountable to Egyptian cotton is a testament to its eco-friendly value. 

Better for People With Allergies

A lot of molds can be found on regular cotton, including aspergillus and Alternaria. This can often cause allergic reactions in the users of standard cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton is purer and uses cotton grown in the best environment possible. This reduces the chances of mold forming and makes Egyptian cotton perfect for those with sensitive skin.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Why is Egyptian Cotton the Best for Sheets?

Egyptian cotton has long been considered the optimum option for comfortable bed sheets, and rightfully so. If you’re looking for bed sheets that look good, stay clean, are breathable, and are durable, choose Egyptian cotton. 

Who shouldn’t buy Egyptian cotton sheets?

People who use softener in their washing machines. Firstly, Egyptian cotton is soft enough as it is and doesn’t need additional softening. Secondly, it can be very damaging to the fibers. Hot and dry washes can also prove detrimental to the quality of Egyptian cotton. 

Buying Pure Parima's Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets is not only an investment in your sleeping but also an investment in the environment. If cared for correctly, will last far longer than any other regular cotton. You should buy Egyptian cotton because it is super soft, durable, and breathable. If you are looking for 100% pure Giza Egyptian cotton bedsheets, check out our shop and treat yourself to the softest sleep you’ll ever have.

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