Prepping Your Guest Bedroom for Holiday Company

pure parima holiday bedroom

Are you planning to entertain guests this season? Whether you have a full house coming for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas, you might be feeling some anxiety as you think about putting up your loved ones for a few days. After all, your guests are counting on you to provide everything they need to stay comfy and cozy, with a serene space they can retreat to after a busy day of merry-making and celebration. At Pure Parima, we offer plenty of bedding items to keep your guests happy and healthy all season long. Here are some of our top tips for prepping your guest room for holiday company. 

Offer Extra Linens

Of course, you know you need to supply your guests with high-quality sheets and towels during their stay. However, it doesn’t always occur to hosts to put a spare set of linens in their guest room. Along with an extra towel, hand towel, and washcloth or two, guests may appreciate a change of sheets and pillowcases. If you truly want to go above and beyond, outfit your guest room closet with one set of percale sheets and one set of sateen sheets. That way your visitors can choose between crisp and cooling and soft and silky. Whether your guest has an unexpected spill or just suffers from the occasional sweaty night’s sleep, a spare sheet set can be a lifesaver. The goal is to help your visitors feel as at home in your house as they would in their own. 

Choose a Comfortable Duvet

In many parts of the country, the weather is chilly at this time of year. If you’re planning to see guests for the holidays, then it’s important to take steps to keep them warm and cozy no matter how low the mercury falls. Regarding bedding, it’s hard to beat a traditional down duvet insert. At Pure Parima, we supply a line of responsibly sourced, certified eco-friendly duvets made with 600+ fill power European White Goose Down. Favored for its natural large clusters, goose down is lightweight but warm. And because our duvets feature a 100 percent cotton cambric sheet, your skin will stay cool and dry no matter how hot you sleep. Double stitched seams help prevent poke-through, while corner loops allow for easy bed-making. For best results, pick up an Egyptian cotton duvet cover to protect your duvet while helping your guests get better sleep. Prefer products made without animal materials? We also offer down alternative comforters featuring the same luxurious loft as our down products. Choose whichever one you think will best meet your guests’ needs and preferences. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Provide Plenty of Pillows

When it comes to pillows, no two people have the exact same taste. After all, some sleepers prefer lofty pillows while others like a flatter place to lay their head. Still, it’s hard to go wrong by supplying guests with down pillow inserts. Offering the ultimate loft, our Down Pillow Inserts are made from European White Goose Down beloved for its natural large clusters. Featuring a medium-firm feel and fill power of 600+, these pillows are at once light and supportive. Sleepers also appreciate the fact that these pillows feature 100 percent cotton cambric shells. Along with being extra cooling, they boast double stitching to prevent poke-through. Satin piping finishes the look. We recommend outfitting the bed with two pillows for each guest. For best results, include one down pillow and one down alternative for those who prefer bedding without animal materials. 

Supply a Spare Chair

Traveling around the holidays can be stressful, and guests often like to retreat to their rooms for an hour or two each day to rest and recharge. However, the bed isn’t always the best place for reading, meditating, or checking email. If you want your guests to be comfortable, supplying them with a spare chair is a good option. Don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase new furniture just for this purpose. On the contrary, it’s fine to repurpose a chair from another part of the house. Then add a decorative pillow and toss a spare blanket over the chair arm. The goal is to help your guests feel as cozy and comfortable as possible during the length of their stay. 

pure parima holiday bedroom

Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Holiday Bedding

Ready to get your home ready for the coming holidays? Shop the Pure Parima sale now for deals on Egyptian cotton sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and more. Additionally, we offer a wide array of duvet inserts, down and down alternative pillows, and more to outfit your guest room in comfort and style. We’re confident that when they see what you have to offer your guests won’t want to leave.

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