Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Perfect for Colder Weather

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Winter means short cold days, long colder nights, and many of us retreating to our rooms for a little R and R. While you can’t control the weather outside your windows, you can take steps to keep things warm and cozy where it matters: in your bedroom. So what’s the best type of sheets for a restful winter’s sleep?

In general, bedding experts recommend Egyptian cotton sheets over other fabrics on the market. At once durable and luxurious, Egyptian cotton originates in the fertile soil of the Nile River Valley. Featuring extra-long staple cotton fibers that resist tearing and pilling, sheets made from this material will keep you cozy all winter long without letting you overheat. Read on to learn more about Egyptian cotton bedding and discover how to choose the perfect sheets for colder weather.

Percale Versus Sateen

If you’re shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets, you can expect to encounter two options: percale and sateen. Ultimately, the perfect sheets are whichever ones you long to curl up between at the end of the day. However, doing your research may help you make a more informed bedding decision and ensure you stay comfy and cozy year round.


One of the primary factors that differentiates percale and sateen is weave, or the pattern of interlacing cotton fibers. With a percale weave, the sheet features a one under, one over structure. Along with creating a crisper fabric feel, percale allows more air to pass through. The end result is a highly breathable sheet that stays cool in warm climates. On the other hand, sateen sheets use a three over, one under weave. This tighter weave results in a silkier fabric feel with less breathability. So the sheets will keep you warm no matter how low the mercury drops. However, sateen may not be the way to go if you tend to sleep hot.

Thread Count

Thread count gets a lot of attention in the bedding world. However, the truth is that some companies use multi-ply yarn to inflate their thread counts and their costs. At Pure Parima, we manufacture both our sateen and percale sheets using single-ply yarn for an end result that’s both buttery soft and beautifully durable. That means you don’t have to worry about your sheets disintegrating in the wash. While thread count is generally less important than other bedding measures, those seeking a higher count may want to opt for sateen. In general, percale sheets feature lower counts, a fact that results in their greater permeability.


In the long run, you want to love the way your sheets feel against your skin. Crisp and cool, percale sheets are said to feel like the kind of bedding you might discover in a luxury hotel room. On the other hand, sateen with its thicker, tighter weave feels delicious soft. If you love the feel of silk but want a breathable sheet with lasting power, opt for Egyptian cotton sheets with a sateen weave.

Sateen and percale also differ when it comes to appearance. Boasting a smooth texture and luminous finish, sateen has an opulent quality. On the other hand, percale has a crisp, matte finish that conveys a simple sophistication. Fortunately, Pure Parima offers both percale and sateen sheets in a wide range of on-trend hues so you can find an option that works with your decor while sparking joy whenever you walk in the room.

Opt for Sateen Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If keeping warm is your goal for winter, sateen sheets are your best bet. Indulge your opulent tendencies with our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. Made from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. The sumptuous triple embroidered stitching is sure to deliver a dose of elegance to your bedroom. This set comes complete with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. Choose from an array of stripe colors including Ocean, Arctic, Gold, Teal, Nickel, and Black. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

What to Do When the Temperature Drops

Of course, even the most snuggle-worthy sateen sheets may not be enough during the winter months. If you want to stay warm no matter how low the temperature drops, layers are essential. For the ultimate cozy experience, start with a fitted sheet made from Egyptian cotton. Follow up with a top sheet, pillows, and a fluffy comforter enveloped in a coordinating duvet cover. Finish off with a coverlet or quilt that you can pull up should the need arise. With any luck, you’ll feel snug as a bug all night long.

Stay Warm This Winter with Pure Parima

Don’t let the cold weather ruin your day. Experts in sleep, Pure Parima is passionate about providing shoppers with everything they need to rest easy. That’s why we manufacture all our products using hand-picked Egyptian cotton and no harmful substances or chemicals. Whether you’re looking for premium sheets or a soft yet breathable coverlet perfect for winter, you’ll find what you need on our site. Shop online today and start experiencing the joys of better sleep.

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