New Bedding Trends for 2021

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Many people have opted to remodel their homes during the pandemic. In fact, June 2020 saw a 58% increase in project leads for home renovators, and the trend shows no signs of letting up. With so many of us spending more time at home these days, it’s not surprising that master bedrooms are being upgraded as well. Fortunately, Pure Parima has certified authentic Egyptian cotton sheets you need to turn this part of the house into a sanctuary. If you feel like your bedroom is failing to spark joy, consider giving it a remodel using the top bedding trends for 2021.

Go Natural

Natural materials are a big trend for 2021, and for good reason. After all, many of us are spending an increasing amount of time inside, and we want to ensure the spaces we occupy provide a sense of happiness while incorporating elements from the Great Outdoors. Fortunately, natural fabrics are a great way to bring the outside in. We’re talking about materials like linen, silk, jacquard, and of course pure 100 percent Egyptian cotton. 

For a natural sheet set that’s sure to please, we recommend the timeless Yalda collection. Made from extra long-staple cotton fibers hand picked in the Nile River Valley, these sheets are smoother and stronger than the competition. Additionally, Yalda sheets feature double hem stitching and a smooth sateen weave. The end result is an elegant bedding style and a superior night’s rest. Prefer a crisper sheet feel? Keep the natural bedding trend going with Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection Ultra Percale. Available in both white and carbon, these sheets feel as cool and fresh as the bedding you’d find in your favorite five-star hotel.

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Looking for more ways to bring a natural touch to your bedroom? Plants are a great way to spruce up a space while improving your inner air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider silk plants. You’ll still feel like you’re falling asleep in a forest.

Opt for Neutrals

Once you’ve decided on your preferred sheet fabric and texture, the next step is to choose a color. While the right bedding shade is ultimately whatever one makes you smile, shoppers can expect to see a lot of pale neutral shades dominating the palette for 2021. In particular, consumers are opting for blues, pinks, and greens. However, classic neutrals like white, ivory, and tan are also popular. If you want to add bolder pops of colors, throw pillows and blankets offer a great option.

Be Bold with Pillows

Speaking of pillows, 2021 is a great time to let your Boho side shine. In particular, homeowners are opting to decorate their master bedrooms with pillows featuring small patterns in pastel shades. Faux fur is also a big pillow trend, with customers opting for more natural shades and subtle patterns. If you do opt to go heavy on the color, stick to a couple throw pillows featuring brighter hues. Even one pop of color can go a long way toward livening up a bedroom.

Add Some Drama

For some amateur interior decorators, a boldly patterned pillowcase isn’t enough to show their dramatic side. If you want to up the excitement factor in your master bedroom, consider a canopy bed. Trending big for 2021, canopies add both elegance and sophistication while giving your space that old-world charm. Consider a wood or iron canopy if you want to ensure that the light can pass through, keeping your bedroom bright and modern.

Stay Cozy

Of course, a bedroom isn’t just a place to show off your superior aesthetic sensibilities. It’s also the one part of the home where you should feel cozy, which is one of the major buzz words for 2021 bedroom decor. To that end, when you remodel your master bedroom, pay close attention to your comforters and duvet covers. For a silky soft cover that also has a prominent luster, we recommend the Hira Duvet Cover Set. Made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton hand picked in the Nile River Valley, this set features a modern-feeling diamond embroidery pattern. As a bonus, the set includes two coordinating pillowcases, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for matching pieces.

pure parima certified giza egyptian cotton sheets

Sleep Better with Luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At Pure Parima, we know that nothing is more important than your family’s health and comfort. With that in mind, we go above and beyond to provide 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets made from fibers hand picked in the Nile River Valley. And because we manufacture all our products without harmful substances or chemicals, you don’t have to worry about the place where you’re laying your head. Ready to start sleeping easier? Learn more about the Pure Parima difference and then shop our sheet selection online.

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