National Stress Awareness Day

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Between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, November is packed full of holidays. So, it’s no surprise that people would need a day off to relax this time of year. Enter National Stress Awareness Day. Held annually on the first Wednesday of November, this day is designed to help people identify and limit sources of stress. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about helping individuals relax and enjoy life. Keep reading to learn more about National Stress Awareness Day and get tips on achieving a better work-life balance.

The History of Stress Awareness

Stress is a part of life, and one there’s no getting around. While some stress is positive in that it compels us to work and perform necessary tasks, too much can be harmful to our health. Over time, stress can result in an array of physical symptoms, including headaches, stomach aches, chest pain, muscle tension, and sleep disturbances. Although you’ll likely never be able to banish stress from your life entirely, you don’t have to suffer the harmful effects of stress in silence.

Recognizing that stressors can affect health and wellness, the Health Resource Network (HRN) founded Stress Awareness Day in 1992 to raise public awareness for this issue. In celebration of this holiday, individuals are encouraged to spend 24 hours attempting to relax and not stress about situations outside their control. Additionally, the Health Resource Network offers tips and strategies to support both employees and employers in their quest to reduce workplace stress and boost performance and wellbeing.

Observing National Stress Awareness Day

The good news is that there are steps you can take as an individual to reduce stress and lessen your daily tension. One of the best ways to relax and recharge is to get plenty of exercise. According to a recent survey by the ADAA, around 14 percent of people use regular exercise as a way of coping with stress. Other helpful stress-reducing activities include talking with loved ones, watching movies and TV shows, eating favorite foods, taking baths, and listening to music.

Additionally, many people fail to consider the effect sleep can have on their stress levels. According to a recent article, more than 35 percent of working Americans don’t get the requisite seven hours of sleep each night. Not only does this lack of sleep boost stress, but the reverse is also true, with high stress levels making it harder for people to get the rest they need to function. With that in mind, improving your sleep routine is a great way to cut stress and start living life to the fullest.

Alleviating Stress Starts in the Bedroom

One of the best ways to reduce stress while improving sleep is to give your bedroom a much-needed makeover. The fact is that many of us are sleeping on sheets that are old, pilling, or in need of an upgrade. This is especially true for hot sleepers and those with allergies to dust and dander. If you want to improve both the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting each night, start by switching out your old bedding in favor of sheets made from certified Egyptian cotton.

 pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale

One of the benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets is that they’re incredibly cooling. Because Egyptian cotton is highly breathable, air can flow through while you’re asleep. As a result, you don’t have to worry about waking up soaked in sweat. Additionally, the softness of Egyptian cotton means it won’t irritate sensitive skin. While lower-quality sheets are prone to tearing, ripping, and pilling, Egyptian cotton stays smooth even after hundreds of washes. The end result is that you can rest easier. And because we make our sheets without any harmful chemicals, you won’t have any anxiety about what’s going into your family’s bedding.

Searching for the perfect sheet set to reduce stress while giving your bedroom an added burst of luxury? We recommend the Ultra Percale Sheet Set courtesy of the Hotel Collection. Made from extra-long staple Giza Egyptian cotton with a matte percale weave, these sheets are as cozy as they are timeless. The set comes complete with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, and is available in both white and carbon. It’s the perfect way to feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel without ever leaving home.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton percale sheets

Enjoy a Stress-Free Night's Sleep With Pure Parima

At Pure Parima, we know that sleep is crucial to reducing stress. With that in mind, we go above and beyond to help our customers rest easier. We’re passionate about selling only Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases made with materials sourced in the Nile River Valley. Whether you’re looking for the silkiest sateen sheets or the crispest, coolest percale, trust us to have the perfect options in our collection. Shop online today to get started. We look forward to helping you enjoy National Stress Awareness Day in style this year

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