Is 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Good?

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When was the last time you slept straight through the night and woke feeling perfectly refreshed the next morning? If you slumber on Egyptian cotton, you might enjoy this delicious experience more frequently than most. That’s because there’s something exceptional about 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets. Thanks to the extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton threads are both softer and more durable than other bedding materials. As a result, this sheet option is resistant to rips, pills, and tears that can irritate sensitive skin and interrupt your rest. Still, you may be wondering what thread count of Egyptian cotton will produce the most cooling, comfortable night’s rest. Is 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton really a good choice? Or would another thread count result in superior sleep? Read on for details on selecting the best bedding, courtesy of the team at Pure Parima. 

How Thread Count Works

Thread count gets a great deal of attention in the bedding world. However, not everyone understands what this term truly means. Simply put, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical fibers that make up a square inch of fabric. Contrary to popular belief, only around 800 threads can fit in a square inch of Egyptian cotton, and brands that claim to sell products with higher counts are actually misleading their customers to inflate prices.

In order to promote high thread count bedding, certain retailers opt to use multi-ply rather than single-ply yarn. Multi-ply yarn is made by twisting two or three strands of lower-quality thread together. In this way, companies can say that their sheets have a thread count higher than 800. Unfortunately, the end result is a heavier, coarser fabric that’s less breathable and more prone to pilling. On the other hand, single-ply yarn like the type used by Pure Parima is smooth, soft, and exceptionally durable. Whether you have sensitive skin or simply want to sleep on the most comfortable bedding available, opt for single-ply Egyptian cotton.

pure parima egyptian cotton single vs multi ply yarn

Is 1000 a Good Thread Count?

Because Egyptian cotton tops out at around 800 threads per square inch, bedding with a thread count of 1000 is not ideal. This thicker fabric tends to be less moisture-wicking, resulting in reduced airflow during the night. During the summer months, this bedding can cause sleepers to overheat and suffer a number of negative effects, such as night sweats and skin rashes. If you want to sleep better, choose sheets made from single-ply Egyptian cotton that bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of authenticity. Ultimately, experts generally recommend prioritizing sheets made with quality yarn over the thread count. 

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The good news is that Pure Parima offers plenty of sheets made with certified single-ply Egyptian cotton. Wondering what sheets will help you get the most restful night’s sleep? Here are some of the top bedding choices among Pure Parima customers: 

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

For a sleek, cooling sheet option, it’s hard to beat the Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of our Hotel Collection, the collection is both breathable and delightfully crisp. Made from extra-long staple single-ply cotton, this regal-looking set comes in shades of White, Carbon, Bone, and Slate, so it’s sure to meld with your current room decor. Shoppers can choose from sizes twin to king and California king. A coordinating duvet cover set is available for an added cost.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Hira Sheet Set

Of course, not everyone is drawn to the fresh, crisp feel of percale. Those who prefer silky sateen bedding will surely adore our Hira Sheet Set. This bedding option, which includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, is a perfect marriage of softness and breathability. Plus, the contemporary accent diamond embroidery adds modern elegance to any space. The stylish set comes in an array of shades, including White, Tan, Spa, and Midnight. It’s available in sizes twin, full, queen, king, and California king. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Discover the Benefits of Better Bedding

There are many reasons that customers choose Pure Parima over the competition, but one of the main ones is our commitment to transparency. Just as we tell the truth about thread count, we’re honest about our products containing 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton and no substitutes. In fact, all our Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers bear the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval on the packaging. Additionally, our products are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re manufactured free from harmful substances and chemicals. The end result is a worry-free night’s sleep for you and your loved ones. Shop our collection today and start appreciating your bed again.

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