How to Wash Down and Down Alternative Inserts

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When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? While some people regularly sleep for seven or eight hours, sleep disorders impact an estimated 70 million Americans each year. Left uncorrected, individuals with insomnia or other conditions can suffer a host of negative consequences, from trouble concentrating to immune system deficiencies, obesity, and even heart attacks. The good news is investing in high-quality bedding can dramatically improve both the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting daily. And when it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat down and down alternative bedroom products. Made from the soft feathers found on the underbellies of geese, down pillows and inserts provide exceptional warmth and comfort. Mimicking the plush texture of down, down alternative products are a great option for those seeking hypoallergenic bedding or items made free from animal products. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of down and down alternatives and discover tips on washing these products so they maintain their beauty for years to come. 


Down Duvet Insert

A down duvet is hard to beat. Exceptionally plush and delightfully warm, Down Duvet Inserts are perfect for staying cozy all winter long. At Pure Parima, we offer all-season duvet inserts crafted with 600+ fill power European White Goose Down. Beloved for its naturally large clusters, goose down maintains its fluffy comfort even after hundreds of washes. As a bonus, these products feature a 100 percent cotton cambric shell to protect your skin and a three-dimensional baffle box construction to help distribute heat. Thanks to the double-stitched seams, sleepers don’t have to worry about poking through when they’re trying to rest. Our duvet inserts are available in sizes Full/Queen and King/Cal King and include corner loops to tie onto a duvet cover. Lustrous satin piping completes the luxurious appearance of this product.

pure parima down duvet and pillow inserts


Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Down has long been associated with luxury in the bedroom. However, it’s not the only option for those seeking a soothing night’s sleep. Those who prefer products made without animal materials will likely be drawn to Pure Parima’s Down Alternative Duvet Inserts. Made with hypoallergenic, certified safe materials, this sublimely lofty product contains a fluffy alternative fill that mirrors the warmth and feel of real down. A 100 percent cotton sateen shell helps ensure a cool sleep experience, while the baffle box construction keeps the spiraled microfibers distributed evenly. Like the down insert, this product comes in sizes Full/Queen and King/Cal King and includes tie loops for bed-making made simple. 


Down Pillow Insert 

Just like a mattress supports the back and hips while you sleep, a pillow insert protects the head and neck. If you want to give your body the support it needs to function optimally, our Down Pillow Inserts are a natural choice. Made from responsibly sourced European white goose down, our pillows feature a medium firm fullness. However, the cooling cotton cambric shell means you don’t have to worry about your face and head getting overheated. Rest assured knowing these pillows will retain their plushness no matter how many times you wash and dry them. 

pure parima down duvet and pillow inserts


Down Alternative Pillow Insert

Like our duvet inserts, our pillow inserts come in both down and down alternative varieties, so there’s sure to be an option for every member of your family. Made with certified safe materials, our hypoallergenic inserts contain 100 percent premium Virtudown®. A fluffy, high-quality alternative to down, this fill is both warm and plush. As a bonus, our pillows are made with cotton sateen shells and feature double stitching to ensure their longevity. Satin piping gives this product that extra special touch. 


Protecting Your Down and Down Alternative Inserts

All Pure Parima products are made to stand the test of time. However, proper care is essential to keeping your down and down alternative inserts looking their best. When it comes to caring for your duvet and pillow inserts, we recommend always using a protector or cover. Doing this safeguards the product from the oils on your hair and skin. For best results, wash your bedding on a gentle cycle using cold water. While it’s fine to dry your inserts in the dryer, we recommend removing them just before they’re completely dry. Shaking your inserts is the best way to fluff them so they look lovely when placed on the bed. 


There are some things to avoid when laundering your duvet and pillow inserts. To keep your products beautiful and smooth, it’s wise to avoid fabric softeners, harsh or powdered detergents, and dryer sheets. Refrain from washing bedding and clothes together, as the zippers and hooks can catch on your delicate bedding and cause issues. Finally, customers should avoid ironing or steaming their down and down alternative bedding items. 


Sleep Better with Pure Parima

At Pure Parima, we know fine bedding is an investment in your health and comfort. To ensure your purchases maintain their beauty and softness, we provide a detailed Care Guide for all our products, including Egyptian cotton sheets, down and down alternative inserts, pillowcases, and more. Shop our selection today and start getting the sleep you deserve. 

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