How to Use Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets to Get Fantastic Sleep

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You may think that your poor sleep quality comes from long nights at the office, excessive electronic use, or that third cup of coffee. While this can all be factored in poor sleep hygiene, consider taking a closer look at that thin piece of linen separating you from your mattress. Then, keep reading to learn some hidden truths about sheets and why they may be harming your sleep more than you think.

Thread Count Matters

Thread count may seem like a minor detail; however, it is vital to consider how soft the sheets are that are beneath you. High thread count sheets such as Pure Parima's Egyptian Cotton Sheets are handpicked to ensure you are relaxing in supreme softness- that gets better over time. In addition, the Yalda Sheet Set is adorned with 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton to stop any sheet piling that could lead to skin irritation. The extra-long handpicked fibers will ensure a soft, silky, and smooth feel that promises calming sleep.

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Pay Attention to Temperature

Traditional and synthetic Cotton has been known to capture and store heat within your bedding as you sleep, making for a restless night and sweat-soaked linen by morning. Consider swapping your regular cotton sheets for Egyptian Cotton sheets. Luxury Egyptian Cotton is lightweight and crisp with sweat-wicking properties that provide a cooling touch to the skin. In addition, our 100% Ultra Percale Sheet Set from the Hotel Collection provides an elegant matte finish that will bring an air of calm to your sleep space. The Ultra Percale sheets are exceptionally supercooling, perfect for a refreshing night of sleep.

Use Skin-Soothing Sheets

Some of our Pure Parima sleepers have had experiences with skin irritation before investing in our certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Traditional linen can cause piling and irritation on the skin due to the abrasive surface causing microtears. However, Egyptian Cotton bedding is perfect for problematic skin, as it helps prevent irritation with ultra-soft fibers to ensure the skin's moisture barrier is not scratched. Egyptian Cotton also provides a cooling effect that will help soothe irritated skin.

Include Plush Pillowcase Sets

If you find yourself unable to upgrade your sheets for better sleep quite yet-rest easy, Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase Sets are a quick fix for a great night of sleep. The incredibly soft, breathable, and smooth Yalda Pillowcase is crafted with extra-long staple, hand-picked Egyptian cotton fibers spun to weave a gentle fabric that will caress the skin and bring the calmness of clouds to your bed.

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Shop Pure Parima Sheets

Handpicked in Egypt along the Nile River Valley, Pure Parima provides the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets spun to ensure minimal stress on fibers to achieve luxury linen woven to remain lusciously soft and incredibly durable. In addition, all Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

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