How to Stay Warm in the Colder Months with Egyptian Cotton

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Winter brings visions of warm hot cocoa, cozy knit sweaters, and sparkly snowflakes falling from the sky. However, it also brings chilly temperatures to certain parts of the country. In particular, those sensitive to the cold may struggle to sleep on freezing nights, tossing and turning rather than getting the rest they need to succeed. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to warm up your bed so you don’t spend the night shivering. From layering your blankets to choosing goose down for your duvet, here are some of Pure Parima’s top tips on staying warm no matter how far the mercury drops. 

Embrace the Layers

What’s better than one blanket on a cold night? Multiple blankets piled on top of one another. By utilizing a top sheet, a duvet with a duvet cover, and a spare blanket or quilt, you can create layers of insulation that trap warm air and keep you cozy. As a bonus, building a bed with layers means you can toss off one in the night if you happen to overheat. We recommend opting for 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton over the competition as it tends to wick away moisture. The last thing you want is to wake up because you’re sweating through your bedding. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Opt for Sateen

Egyptian cotton aficionados may wonder what sheet weave is best for cold weather. Boasting the softness and shine of silk, sateen bedding still offers all the health and comfort benefits of pure Egyptian cotton with the added benefit of being resistant to wrinkling. That means you save time on ironing. This weave option, which features a one-thread under, three or four-over weave, is ideal for chilly nights. On the other hand, percale features a one-over, one-under weave that tends to be lighter and more cooling. If you or your family members tend to get cold while asleep, a sateen sheet set is the way to go in winter. However, if you tend to sweat while you rest, percale is generally the better option.

If you’re in the market for a sateen sheet set, consider our Yalda Collection. At once stylish and simple, this sophisticated set features extra-long staple cotton fibers in a smooth sateen finish. Double-hem stitched sheets help ensure this Egyptian cotton set will last for years to come. The Yalda sheets are available in several on-trend shades, including new hues Canyon and Olive. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Go for Goose Down

Widely regarded as the most luxurious option for comforters and pillows, goose down is warm, soft, and immensely breathable. Filled with responsibly sourced, certified eco-friendly White Goose Down, our down duvet inserts are good for all seasons thanks to the natural large clusters which offer both warmth and breathability. As a bonus, this product comes with a cooling 100 percent cotton cambric shell, which has a unique three-dimensional baffle box construction. The end result is that down and heat remain evenly distributed throughout the night. Prefer to use bedding products made without animal-based fillings? Consider our Down Alternative Duvet Inserts, which offer significant warmth thanks to the inclusion of 100 percent Virtudown®. Soft and hypoallergenic, this material mimics the loft and coziness of natural down. For best results, cover your down or down alternative duvet cover with a certified Egyptian cotton duvet cover to protect your bedding and your skin. Because both duvet options feature corner loops to attach them to your cover, making the bed is sure to be a breeze. 

pure parima goose down duvet insert

While you’re shopping for a new duvet insert, consider upgrading your pillow as well. After all, it’s a well-known fact that people lose a large amount of warmth from their heads. Our down pillow inserts boast 600+ fill power European White Goose Down and double stitching to prevent uncomfortable poke-through while you slumber. 

Snuggle With Someone You Love

The right bedding can go a long way toward keeping you cozy all season long. However, nothing beats the heartwarming feelings of cuddling in bed with a loved one. If you want to stay warm, cozy up with your partner or even your pet. After all, cats and dogs tend to run hotter than humans. Hug yours close and stay warm on even the coldest of winter nights. 

Stay Cozy With Help from Pure Parima

At Pure Parima, there’s nothing more crucial to us than your family’s health and comfort. To that end, we’re proud to say all our Egyptian cotton products bear the Cotton Egypt Association seal of authenticity. Unlike other bedding manufacturers, we ensure our sheets and duvet covers are made free from harmful chemicals and substances. The end result is that you can sleep worry-free knowing your family is protected. Shop our sheet selection online today and stay warm and cozy all winter long. 

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