How to Put On a Duvet Cover

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover

Are you one of those people who struggles to make their bed in the morning? If so, you’re not alone. While many of us struggle to accomplish this task before leaving for work or school, anecdotal evidence reveals that making your bed spurs feelings of accomplishment and an enhanced sense of calm. Luckily, there are some ways to make this chore less of a burden. To start, we recommend swapping out your old comforter and top sheet for a duvet. Not only do duvets offer superior sleep, but they also make the bed making process less of a hassle, as you can skip the top sheet. Keep reading to learn more about duvets and discover Pure Parima’s tips for how to put on a duvet cover.

What is a Duvet?

Many people who grew up sleeping under comforters are now eagerly making the switch to duvets. Referring to a soft, flat bag filled with down or synthetic fibers, a duvet is a type of bedding known for its comfort. In particular, Egyptian cotton duvets are beloved for their breathability, as the lux material allows air to pass through so sleepers don’t wake up soaked in sweat. Light and pleasantly fluffy, duvets keep you warm on cold nights without adding too much bulk to your bed.

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What is a Duvet Cover?

One of the biggest advantages of duvets over comforters is that the former is used with a protective case called a duvet cover. Like a pillowcase, a duvet cover in queen or king sizes keeps your duvet safe and stain free. When the cover needs washing, simply toss it in the laundry with your sheets. That way, you don’t have to wash and dry heavy comforters every few weeks.

Along with preserving the life of your bedding, duvet covers make it easier to swap out your decor. Whether you’re tired of the current color scheme or simply want to try a new pattern or trend, you can replace your duvet cover rather than buying an entirely new blanket. You can save money while giving your bedroom design a much-needed upgrade.

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The Easiest Way to Put on a Duvet Cover

If you’ve never gone the duvet route before, then you might be intimidated by the process of putting on a duvet cover. The good news is there’s an easy way to accomplish this task. Here’s our guide to placing your duvet in its cover and ensuring the end result looks both beautiful and professional:

  1. To start, remove your duvet cover from the packaging or take it out of the dryer. Then turn it inside out and lay the cover down flat on the bed. The opening of the duvet with the buttons or zipper should be at the foot of the bed.
  2. Next, lay your duvet down on top of the duvet cover. Check to make sure that all the corners and side of the cover line up with those of the duvet. If your cover features ties on the inside, now is the time to fasten them over the corners of the duvet. This holds it in place and prevents the duvet from bunching up in the middle of the duvet cover.
  3. After your duvet and duvet cover are aligned, walk around to the head of the bed. Start rolling the duvet cover at the end opposite the opening. The goal is to make sure the duvet and cover stay together, and the result should resemble a burrito.
  4. After you’ve rolled up the duvet, it’s time to open the duvet cover. Place the duvet inside the cover, turning the cover inside out as you go. In other words, you want to invert the duvet cover opening around the ends. Then, fasten the buttons or close the zipper.
  5. The final step in the process of putting on a duvet cover is unrolling the duvet. Take time to shake out the duvet and straighten the edges, ensuring the feathers or synthetic filling is distributed evenly. Fluff out your duvet and enjoy your beautiful new bedding.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton duvet cover

Shop Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers at Pure Parima

Searching for a new duvet cover in king or queen sizes? At Pure Parima, we offer an exceptional selection of 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers in an array of colors and styles. For an unbeatable night’s rest, we recommend the Ariane sateen duvet cover, featuring Giza cotton picked in the Nile River Valley. Featuring an ultra-soft texture and boasting self-colored scroll embroidery, the Ariane line is available in an array of on-trend shades, including white, ivory, spa, and soft peach. Prefer bedding with a crisper finish? Sleek and airy, the Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set is part of the Hotel Collection and could easily appear in any five-star hotel room. Try out these styles today and start resting easier.

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