How to Minimize Wrinkles

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Let’s face it - no one enjoys the look of wrinkled linens, especially after you have just spent hours cleaning them. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks on how to minimize this burden during the care process so that you can enjoy your bedding without the hassle. We want to share some of our secret tips that can help you reduce and even eliminate the wrinkles in your sheets. 

Shake Out After Washing

Before you toss your freshly washed sheets in the dryer, take a couple of seconds to gently shake them out. This will help pull out the wrinkles that may set in if you dry it in that form. If you are planning to hang dry your linens, shaking is just as important, if not more. Allowing your bedding to dry as wrinkle-free as possible will make removing any remaining wrinkles afterward much easier and quicker. 

Remove While Still Damp

One of the best ways to keep wrinkles from setting in is to remove your bed linens from the dryer before they are fully dry. When your sheets dry completely, any and all creases will remain embedded in the fabric and become much more noticeable. This can make it even harder to remove by ironing. Be sure to remove them while they are still a little damp so you have better control over the final drying process. Check out our blog "Why Pure Parima Doesn't Use Anti-Wrinkle Agents"

pure parima wrinkle free sheets

Lay On Bed When Damp

This tip yields the best results when combined with the previous tip. Make your bed as soon as you remove your slightly damp linens from the dryer! Lay your sheets out on the bed as you normally would so that it stretches out thus pulling out any wrinkles that may not have had time to set in yet. The sheets will then dry this way instead of crunched up in the dryer. Now you have clean, wrinkle-free sheets!

Iron with Water

If you still feel that your sheets have more creases in them than you would like, don’t worry - we also have some tips on how to best iron your sheets. When it comes to your Egyptian cotton sheets, we advise ironing on the cotton setting for the best results. A good way to ensure the wrinkles come out without harming the fabric is to spray some water before you iron or use the steam setting. This will help the fabric to dry the way you want it to as you apply the heat over the damp sheets.

pure parima wrinkle free sheets

Check out our TikTok for the ultimate ironing hack!

Shop the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

While some companies use certain chemicals in their linens that prevent wrinkles, Pure Parima uses only safe, certified materials so you can sleep comfortably. With these tips and tricks, you can still achieve beautiful wrinkle-free bedding without harsh chemicals. Shop the best Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, and more for your best rest.

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