How to Create a Sleep Sanctuary

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You’ve seen them on Pinterest and on Instagram: aesthetically pleasing, cozy bedrooms that have every amenity from lush blankets to a conveniently placed nook for your books or laptop. You might think it’s a pipe dream, but creating a sleep sanctuary of your very own - complete with crisp bedding, muted colors, and a plush duvet - is easier than you think. Let’s take a look at how you can take your current boring bedroom and turn it into a dreamy sanctuary - far from the world. All you’re missing is an Instagram filter - but we think you can handle that yourself.

Sleep and Your Health

Did you know that 78 percent of people become more excited to sleep if they have fresh bedding? This statistic goes beyond laundry day; when you develop a proper sleep environment - sleep becomes more inviting and ritualistic. 

Good sleep is essential to good health. The many benefits of looking after your sleep hygiene will quickly overflow into your daily life, with benefits such as improved cognitive function, fewer mistakes in the workplace, and overall better quality of life.

Make a Plan

Evaluate what color scheme, textures, and other aesthetics you’d like to see in your new bedroom. Remember that your bedroom should be a restful, calming spot in your home. Think muted colors and soft fabrics. Bright colors, posters, and aggressive lighting should be reserved for other areas of the home.

Narrow down your essentials:

  • Do you use an alarm clock? Why not invest in a daylight alarm clock for gentle wake-ups. 
  • Consider investing in a white noise machine or a high-efficiency bedroom fan. White noise is great for drowning out sounds of insects, house creaks, and other external noises.
  • Essential oil diffusers are great for setting the mood for sleep and relaxation. Lavender in particular is very soothing. 

When it comes to textures and tactility, think soft and plush. Rugs, pillows, and throws should feel inviting to step on, wrap yourself in, and lay on. In that vein, a comfortable mattress that’s suited to you is crucial for good sleep!

Sheets, Sheets, Sheets!

Where do you spend the most time in your bedroom? Your bed. What is on your bed? Sheets! When it comes to the items in life we use the most, be it appliances, toilet paper, or sheets - an investment is key. While off-brand versions are well and good - the longevity and quality often are just not there. You might think that Egyptian cotton sheets are too luxurious, too expensive, and unattainable. Not so! In fact, they’re the most market-friendly they’ve ever been.

Our Yalda set from Pure Parima, for instance, is a fine example of the accessibility of quality Egyptian cotton sheets. With a plethora of color and size options, you won’t be starved for choice. The positive reviews speak for themselvesEgyptian cotton is breathable and cool - just in time for the summer!

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Find the Right Duvet

Did you know that duvet inserts can be used year-round? It’s true! Duvets are widely known for their versatility, luxe feel, and effortless comfort. Additionally, most duvet inserts are machine washable - but a proper duvet cover can help prolong the life of your duvet insert and complete your bedroom sanctuary aesthetic. Pure Parima’s 100 percent Egyptian cotton duvet covers will ensure maximum comfort with their breathable, luxurious sateen material. The Ariane Duvet Cover, for instance, marries a modern feel and look with rich and regal embroidery on the edges.

Use the Right Pillows

The secret to an inviting, cozy bed is layering! Comfortable sheets, a beautiful duvet, and plush throw blankets create texture and depth. Pillows add dimension and shape! Be sure to meticulously select comfortable pillows that you’ll be sure to use, and layer them with smaller pillows for lounging.

Trash the Tech

How many of us are guilty of scrolling TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube before bed? We’ve all heard about the harmful effects of blue light on our eyes, sleep, and concentration. However, getting quality sleep and preserving a peaceful bedroom environment goes beyond avoiding the negative effects of blue light. Having your phone by (or worse - in!) your bed is a temptation. If you’re awake during the night, it’s so easy to reach over and check emails or messages when you should be sleeping.

The same goes for television - falling asleep to the TV might be nice, but the flashing screen and inaudible noises are bound to wake you up. To substitute, why not set a time limit on how much television you watch before turning it off? The same rule applies to your cell phone or tablet. Enjoy some relaxing videos or apps, and then turn it off and set it in another room. Invest in a daylight alarm clock to avoid reliance on your cell phone’s alarm!

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Don't Underestimate Decor

The decor is how you tie it all together! The right decor can take a simple bedroom and transform it into your ideal sleep sanctuary.

Here are some fabulous decor ideas we love:

  • Crystals. Crystals are thought to have amazing healing properties and can both energize and relax - depending on what you’re after. Be sure to do your research and shop from sustainable crystal retailers!
  • Plants! Plants are well known for their relaxing and detoxifying properties. Additionally, they add a breath of life into your bedroom.
  • Salt lamps. Salt lamps, like crystals, have healing and energizing properties. They also look chic, luxe, and set brilliant mood lighting.
pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Stay Classy. Shop Pure Parima!

Having a sleep sanctuary is essential to creating sustainable and healthy nighttime routines and improving sleep hygiene. Your sheets and duvet covers play a huge role in this, which is why the innovators at Pure Parima have a mission to produce high-quality and luxurious sets at affordable price points. Our sheets collection is available in finishes from matte to high-gloss, and our muted, sophisticated color choices are unmatched!

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