How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets for You

Bed sheets should be smooth, soft, provide comfort and be soothing against your skin. Not only should they encompass all those traits, but they should also look beautiful and add charm to your bedroom. Below we have listed some more traits one should look for when shopping for the best bed sheets possible!

Thread Count

Thread count could be or not be important as it completely depends on your preferences. The higher the thread count, the smoother the texture of the bed sheet usually is. Thread count refers to the density of threads. In a square inch, the number of woven threads is known as thread count. Use caution though as thread counts higher than 500 starts to become stiff and hard due to the higher density of threads. There is a threshold for thread counts that bed sheets reach before they no longer feel soft, regardless of cotton type and quality.

Best Quality Cotton

Among the textiles industry and knowledgeable consumers, Egyptian Cotton is regarded as the top quality cotton. This title is only achieved on fabrics that are 100% pure Egyptian Cotton. High-quality cotton paired with an optimal thread count can make for the best bed sheets for you. Pure Egyptian Cotton sheets have long cotton fibers, which make for lighter bed sheets while still retaining their strength and longevity. Bed Sheets made up of pure Egyptian Cotton have a soft texture with strong weaving so you can feel both its durability and softness.

Percale or Sateen?

This option depends on your style! Percale is known to provide a cool and crisp feel as its woven fabric feels simple and matte. Sateen has a self-defining name, which describes its texture as soft and its touch as satin. The fabric is more dense with the signature soft surface and feel. You can choose the right fabric for yourself according to your desired comfort levels in terms of softness and density.

Budget Friendly

For a more budget friendly option, a blended fabric of cotton and polyester would be ideal. Although these bed sheets do not tend to last long due to weaker usage of cotton and fabric blends, it is great to use for short amounts of time as they are prone to ripping after many washing machine uses.


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