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If you’ve ever shopped for a new comforter, then you probably know that down is widely considered to be the pinnacle of luxury. Warm without being hot, down keeps sleepers cozy all winter long while preventing them from overheating. However, savvy shoppers know that not all down is created equal. In particular, there’s a difference between comforters made with duck down and those made with goose down. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about crafting luxury bedding that marries form and function. Keep reading to learn about goose down vs duck down and discover which duvet options are right for you and your family. 

Comparing Goose and Duck Down Bedding

Bedding shoppers can be forgiven for not knowing that down comes in different varieties. However, experts recognize that not all down is created equal. Referring to the soft, fluffy feathers that are found nearest to the bird’s body, down traps heat to keep the animal warm in cold weather. When it comes to bedding, most products are made from either duck down or goose down, materials which vary when it comes to both size and quality. 

Typically the more affordable choice, duck down features smaller clusters and a lower fill power than goose down. The reason for the difference may come down to diet. Because ducks eat meat, their feathers and down are often on the oily side. If it’s not dried properly, duck down can have a gamey smell that’s less than pleasant. 

On the other hand, goose down has larger clusters and higher fill power, resulting in a warmer, more fluffy bedding article. This is due in part to the fact that geese are bigger than ducks. And because geese eat only plants, their feathers are less oily. So, the down stays fresh smelling even when exposed to moisture and sweat. For this reason, Pure Parima chooses goose down as the fill for its down duvet inserts and down pillow inserts.

The Benefits of a Goose Down Duvet

Down duvets are popular bedding items for good reason. Fluffy and luxurious, these items help sleepers rest easy thanks to their inherent coziness. At Pure Parima, we’re excited to offer brand-new Down Duvet Inserts made with the highest-quality 600+ fill power European White Goose Down. Boasting naturally large clusters, this duvet offers exceptional warmth and comfort. And because the duvet has a 100 percent cotton cambric shell and three-dimensional baffle box construction, sleepers don’t have to worry about overheating on warm nights. As a bonus, customers can feel good knowing the product is responsibly sourced and certified eco-friendly.

Pure Parima Down Duvet Insert


The Benefits of Down Alternative

Not all customers want to incorporate down into their bedding. If you suffer from a down allergy or simply prefer products made without real feathers, a Down Alternative Duvet Insert is the natural choice. Hypoallergenic and created with certified safe materials, our all-season alternative inserts maintain impressive loft thanks to the inclusion of Virtudown. Fluffy and luscious, this bedding component has a loft that mirrors the texture and warmth of actual goose down. Additionally, the insert has a silky 100 percent cotton sateen shell that provides superior breathability and a three-dimensional baffle box construction to distribute heat. As a bonus, all our duvets include corner loops that tie to our Egyptian cotton duvet covers for bed-making made simple. 

Pure Parima Down Alternative Duvet Insert

Choosing a Duvet Cover

If you want to stay cool on hot nights, a duvet insert is only part of the package. You also need a premium duvet cover to keep you comfortable while protecting your bedding for the long haul. Because our duvet covers are machine washable, you can easily toss them in the wash if there’s a spill or stain. Not only does using a duvet cover regularly help keep your complexion clean and beautiful, but it also preserves your duvet for the long haul.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

The good news is sleepers have plenty of options when it comes to selecting a duvet cover. At Pure Parima, we carry both sateen and percale weaves. If you want your bedding to feel like silk while boasting all the benefits of breathable Egyptian cotton, a sateen weave is ideal. Then again, if you love the kind of crisp, cooling bedding found in a luxury hotel, you’ll likely appreciate percale. Choose from an array of colors and styles based on your tastes.

Discover Your Best Night’s Sleep at Pure Parima

Egyptian cotton sheets are fundamental to a good night’s rest. Made from long-staple cotton picked by hand in the Nile River Valley, our sheets are both exceptionally smooth and stunningly attractive. Additionally, we offer a wide range of duvets, duvet covers, and pillow inserts to help you complete your bedding set. Shop online today and start getting better sleep. We look forward to showing you the Pure Parima difference.

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