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When was the last time you spent a night on truly luxurious sheets? We’re talking about the kind of hotel-quality bedding that you want to run your fingers over and press your cheek against. Silky-soft, supple, and incredibly light, Giza sheets represent the best of the best. Whether you want to improve your sleep quality or turn your bedroom into a sanctuary where you can rest and recharge at the end of the day, now might be the right time to upgrade your sheets. Keep reading to learn more about the different varieties of Giza bedding, including Giza 45 sheets, and discover how they differ from the competition. 

What Are Giza Sheets?

Giza sheets refer to a subset of Egyptian cotton bedding known for its long-staple fibers. Hand harvested in Egypt’s fertile Nile River Valley, Giza cotton benefits from an ideal climate with plenty of sunshine, rain, and humidity. Additionally, the soil is packed with rich nutrients that encourage cotton growth, resulting in a light and fluffy texture that makes for better bedding. 

There are six main types of Giza cotton, including both long staple and extra-long staple varieties. A type of extra-long staple cotton, Giza 45 boasts fibers of around 36 millimeters and a uniformity index of 89.8 percent. A higher uniformity index translates to a smoother, stronger yarn because there are fewer breaks during the spinning process. 

Colloquially called “The Queen of the Nile,” Giza 45 sheets have long been regarded as a top choice among selective sleepers because of their soft texture and ability to stay cool on even the hottest of nights. This is just one of the reasons that Pure Parima is excited to be introducing our brand-new Bratta collection, featuring 100% Giza 45 sheets.

Why Buy Giza 45 Sheets?

Clearly, Giza sheets have built a reputation for quality and comfort. But what exactly separates this type of cotton from the competition? Here are some of the many reasons that customers consistently choose extra-long staple Giza cotton or Giza 45 sheets over blended fabrics:


Superior Softness

Just half a percent of the world’s Egyptian cotton sheets are categorized as Giza 45. Like all extra-long staple Giza cotton, Giza 45 fibers boast minimal irregularities for a smooth, buttery hand-feel that users have compared to silk. Longer fibers with smaller diameters allow for finer yarn that’s softer than the competition. On the other hand, shorter fibers and blends tend to be rougher and more prone to breakage. If your current sheets scratch your skin or feel rough to the touch, you might want to think about upgrading to a higher-quality fabric made with extra-long staple Giza cotton. In fact, Giza sheets are particularly popular among those with sensitive skin.


Enhanced Strength

Additionally, Giza 45 earns high marks thanks to its durability. When cotton is manufactured, fibers are lined up and spun together. The longer the fibers you use, the fewer breaks in the fabric, and the less pilling that occurs down the line. With a breaking resistance of 44.3 g/tex, Giza 45 fibers produce stronger fabrics when woven together. Note that Pure Parima also uses Giza 87 and 88 cotton, both of which are renowned for their breaking resistance and uniformity index. If you’re tired of your favorite sheets ripping, tearing, or pilling, switching to Giza extra-long staple cotton sheets may ensure your bedding lasts longer.


Greater Cleanliness

Additionally, consumers are drawn to Giza 45 and other extra-long staple Egyptian cottons for their cleanliness. Because of the way the fibers are harvested by hand, less chemicals are needed to maintain the “whiteness” of the cotton. The traditional bleaching process tends to break down cotton, weakening and damaging the fibers. When you choose bedding made from pure Giza cotton, you can feel confident that your sheets are free from artificial chemicals and finishes known to irritate skin.


Cool Breathability

Finally, extra-long staple Giza varieties win converts among hot sleepers and those residing in warm climates. The natural porousness of Giza cotton means that the sheets don’t restrict airflow. The end result is that your Egyptian cotton sheets are lighter and more breathable than the competition. If you want to avoid waking up soaked in sweat, make the switch to Giza sheets today.

Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Giza Sheets

When it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s important to know that not all brands are created equal. At Pure Parima, we sell only extra-long staple Giza cotton harvested in the Nile River Valley. To that end, every product in our online shop bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of authenticity. Ready to find the softest and most breathable sheets and pillowcases out there? Visit us online and start sleeping easier.

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    Hi there I have had good quality sheets that I got from places like the Wynn Las Vegas but after a couple years the fitted sheets started to rip so not sure why but these sheets sound nice as i want something that’s not to hot can you tell me if is can but these in Canada or where do you recommend thanks for your help

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