Flex Top vs. Split King

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Two popular variations of King-size mattresses, Flex Top and Split King offer different features and benefits. Both options are designed to accommodate adjustable bed bases, providing enhanced comfort and individualized support for couples. Let's explore the differences between Flex Top and Split King mattresses to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Flex Top King Mattress

A Flex Top King, or Flex King, mattress is a single King-size mattress with a split top. It has a split head section, allowing the top portion to be adjusted independently. The foot section remains unified, and the bottom part of the mattress cannot be adjusted separately. The main advantage of a Flex Top King is the individual head adjustment. Each partner can independently incline their side of the mattress to their preferred position, such as elevating the head for reading or watching TV. This targeted adjustability at the head provides personalized comfort for each sleeper. 

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Split King Mattress

A Split King mattress consists of two separate Twin XL mattresses placed side by side on an adjustable bed frame, creating a King-size sleeping surface with independent adjustability for both the head and foot sections. The two mattresses can be controlled individually, allowing each partner to find their optimal sleep position. The key advantage of a Split King is the ability to independently adjust both the head and foot sections of the mattress. Each partner can customize their own sleeping position, including elevating their head and legs independently. This offers more flexibility and personalization compared to a Flex Top King.

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