Extend Your Holiday Stay, At Home

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets holiday stay at home

Just because you aren’t spending the holidays out of town doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a restful and relaxing vacation. Also known as a staycation, a holiday at home is a great opportunity to indulge in some little luxuries without dealing with travel-related expenses and stress. At Pure Parima, we want to help all our customers enjoy their lives to the fullest. Check out these tips for extending your holiday stay, at home, so you can start the New Year off right.

Schedule a Massage

You don’t have to spend thousands on a stay at a luxury spa to experience true mind-body relaxation. If you’re planning a holiday, start by booking an in-home massage. You can find therapists in your area by searching on Yelp or using a service like Zeel or Soothe. Be sure to plan your massage for a time when other family members are busy with activities outside the house so you can truly let your hair down.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets massage

Turn Your Home Into a Spa

Of course, your day of relaxation doesn’t have to end with a massage. Extend your moment of pampering with some affordable DIY spa activities. For example, you could pick up some soothing sheet masks, take a steaming bath, or hole up in the bedroom with your nail polish collection and give yourself a stylish pedicure. Want a little extra indulgence? Considering signing up for a beauty subscription box. You can have fun while trying brand-new products.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton pampering spa

Learn to Cook

No, we’re not talking about chaining yourself to the stove to make dinner for the fam. Instead, think about hiring a chef to give you a private lesson in the comfort of your own home. You can do this activity alone, with a partner, or even alongside a good friend. Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor after the hard work is done.

pure parima learning to cook

Upgrade Your Bedding

Then again, maybe a nap sounds better than all the Hammam spa treatments you can buy. If you’d rather get some much-needed rest on this home holiday vacation, consider investing in new bedding. Pure Parima has everything you need to snuggle up and stay cozy. If you want a warm sheet set that’s also soft as silk, consider our Triple Luxe Sateen line. Part of the esteemed Hotel Collection, these sheets feature extra-long, hand-picked Egyptian cotton fibers straight from the Nile River Valley. The base color is white, and the sheets boast a subtle stripe pattern in multiple shades, including Ocean, Arctic, Teal, and Gold, so you can match them with any decor.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Then again, maybe you prefer a crisp feel to your bedding. If so, you’ll surely sleep easy with the Hotel Collection’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set. This Egyptian cotton sheet collection is made from luxury matte percale, resulting in a cool weave that’s perfect for hot sleepers. Sophisticated and sleek, this set will help you feel like you’re vacationing in a five-star hotel even if you never leave your home.

Enjoy a Movie

Of course, luxury bedding isn’t just for sleep. If you feel like being entertained this holiday, snuggle under the covers and stream your favorite Christmas movie on Netflix. Feeling a little chilly? Our Diamond Quilted Coverlet is perfect for keeping warm no matter how low the temperature drops outside. Best of all, if you get tired during the movie, you’re already in the perfect place for a nap.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set

Keep Your Staycation a Secret From Work

There’s one last thing you have to do to ensure your home holiday stay is everything you want it to be. To minimize the odds of being interrupted on your vacation, avoid telling friends and colleagues where you’re going. After all, if you say you’re heading out of town, it minimizes the odds that your boss or coworkers will send emails or texts requesting help. On the other hand, if you tell people you’re on a home holiday, they’re likely to interrupt with questions or stop in to bother you during your relaxation time. For best results, be vague about your plans for the holidays -- you deserve the rest after working hard all year.

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

It’s hard to feel truly rested if you aren’t getting enough sleep each night. While we might not be able to book you that massage or ensure the kids give you a few hours off, we can help ensure the time you spend in bed is as cozy and comfortable as possible. At Pure Parima, we offer a wide selection of luxury Egyptian cotton sheets to help you get more shuteye. Because all our bedding is made with extra-long staple fibers, the cotton is more resistant to breaking and pilling. The end result is sheets that remain silky soft through hundreds of washes. Shop online today to start your staycation off right.

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