Egyptian Cotton Sheets vs. Silk Sheets

pure parima certified egyptian sheets

Most of the market focuses on fabricating elegant yet shiny colors for a cozy and luxurious feel when seeking bed linens. However, if you’re on the hunt for breathable and durable linens boasting elegant patterns, you need to invest in better sheets. 

Egyptian cotton and silk are two different materials best for luxury bed linens used for a wide range of clothes, accessories, and bedsheets. If you’re planning to make a purchase, you must gauge the pros and cons of both materials. Here we examine several factors, including durability, health benefits, and so on, to help you make the right purchase:

What is Silk Cotton?

Silk cotton fabric refers to a single textile that manufacturers derive from a blend of two fibers. The blend combines the excellent characteristics of silk with cotton to offer customers a lightweight, comfortable, and silky fabric. This soft-to-the-touch material boasts versatile properties that make it a resilient yet delicate material. Thus, it is popularly used in garments, bed sheets, and other similar products.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Pros of Silk

Here are the perks of silk cotton sheets:

  • Silk bedding helps your hair and skin retain its natural benefits. In fact, silk bedding is famous for its many hair and skin benefits
  • Silk helps prevent frizz and bed head 
  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritant  
  • It is 100% temperature regulating 
  • They help minimize wrinkles 

Cons of Silk

Let’s discuss the disadvantages of choosing cotton sheets:

  • Silk sheets are comparatively more expensive
  • These  bed sheets require special care, which may be too challenging for some buyers  
  • It is prone to fading and losing its luster in the sun 
  • Silk sheets may be too soft and delicate 
  • These sheets may feel too cold 

What is the Egyptian Cotton Sheet?

Egyptian Cotton Sheets originate from Egypt, where cotton of the best quality is grown. In fact, Egyptian cotton plants are well-known for their ability to produce incredibly long fibers. Moreover, these fibers are thinner than other kinds of cotton. These staple and extra-long fibers are much easier to thread and are comparatively more substantial. These thin, durable fibers are then woven tightly to offer you a long-lasting, lightweight, and breathable fabric. In addition, Egyptian cotton softens the more you use it. Thus, you can enjoy sleeping under comfortable, soft, and breathable sheets for years to come. Plus, Egyptian cotton sheets are super easy to wash and dry.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Pros of Egyptian Cotton Sheet 

Let’s discuss the pros of choosing Egyptian cotton sheets:

  • Breathable, as well as absorbent
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Smooth and  pill-free 
  • It becomes soft with every wash
  • Appropriate for use throughout the year 

Cons of Egyptian Cotton Sheet

Here we discuss the downsides of sleeping in Egyptian cotton sheets:

  • High price tag
  • May feel coarse and rough before you wash it 
  • May fail to drape neatly until the sheet starts softening 
  • Requires careful maintenance and care
  • Brands may use deceptive branding 

To Sum it Up

To ensure the quality of your sleep and overall health, you must purchase suitable bedsheets. Choose between Egyptian cotton and silk to enjoy sleeping on top of luxe, stylish, and comfy sheets.

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