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Within the last month, 37% of people reported having restless nights that caused them to fall asleep during their workday. Here at Pure Parima, our mission is to gift you with well-rested nights and energetic mornings so that you can undertake vigorous days with ease. Our Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Sheets immerse your body in serenity to grant you the sleep you deserve. Pure Parima vows to bestow 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton upon you to ensure you wake up feeling restored and ready to tackle the day ahead. Keep reading to discover how Egyptian Cotton Sheets earned the title of best in the world.

Egyptian Cotton is Handpicked

Pure Parima's Egyptian Cotton is handpicked in Egypt along the Nile River Valley, where luxurious long-staple cotton has been utilized for the past 140 years. Handpicked Egyptian Cotton ensures that there is no stress on the fibers and that they remain fully intact. This method is the reason our Egyptian Cotton Sheets are lusciously soft and incredibly durable. Handpicked long-staple cotton threads improve in quality as they age for timeless luxury and comfort. At Pure Parima, it is of absolute importance that our sheets maintain their integrity as you rest while engulfing you in comfort for a blissful night of sleep.

pure parima hand picked egyptian cotton

Constructed with Fine Thread

At Pure Parima, we use authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets created with ultra-fine fibers woven into each square. Our ultra-soft cotton sheets have a flexible finish that perfectly molds to your body while you rest. The long fibers spun into fine thread are woven together to create a superior fabric suitable for a royal family member. The fine plush fibers ensure that you receive a higher thread count, gifting you with an alluring softness that improves over time. Our Egyptian Cotton Sheets are authentically pure to bring you luxury bedding for the restful sleep you deserve.

Egyptian Cotton is Breathable

We proudly produce 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets that are sweat-wicking and temperature-balancing to assure you are nurtured all night. When you lay down your head to rest, you will observe that not only are your sheets lusciously soft, but they are incredibly breathable to help you stay cool every night. Your luxurious bedding will absorb extra moisture to wick away sweat as you are immersed in cloud-like softness. Indulge in sleep you truly deserve and immerse yourself in our elegant Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set and lounge in luxury.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

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