Duvet Covers for Your Best Sleep

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Get your best rest with quality bedding made to last you a lifetime. Choose the right fabric for you and pair it with your favorite style for the perfect sleep. The best option for those who change styles frequently or prefer easier care maintenance, duvet covers will keep you comfortable without the hassle. Opt for high quality materials for a reliable, durable bedding essential. 

Soft & Silky

If you prefer an ultra soft and silky smooth duvet cover, you should look for Egyptian cotton sateen fabric for the perfect hand feel. The level of softness will depend on the density and thread count of the fabric. Our Yalda, Hira, Ariane and Ultra Sateen collections are soft and smooth for that perfect blend of breathable softness. However, our Triple Luxe Sateen collection is a bit denser, resulting in a very soft and silky fabric that provides a bit more warmth. Take a closer look at our collections:

Yalda, Hira, Ariane, & Ultra Sateen

A comfortable balance of soft and breathable, these collections are our middle ground fabric when it comes to hand feel. Each providing a unique style and design, we have a duvet cover fit for every mood, personality, and space. Pair with matching sheets or mix and match with complimentary shades for a stylish bedroom.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Triple Luxe Sateen

Our softest and silkiest collection yet, Triple Luxe Sateen provides even more warmth, silkiness, and density for an ultra luxurious duvet cover. If you prefer something warmer that is more opulent and soft, Triple Luxe Sateen is for you. Featuring a triple baratta embroidery, this collection is the perfect way to bring hotel luxury to your own home.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Crisp & Cooling

Looking for something a bit more cooling? If you are a hot sleeper or live in a warmer climate, percale duvet covers may be best for you. Egyptian cotton percale provides comfort, breathability, and coolness without sacrificing luxury. Take a look at our percale collection and why it is so popular amongst our customers:

Ultra Percale Collection

Because the weave differs from sateen, percale fabric results in a matte and crisp hand feel providing a more cooling duvet cover. Nostalgic and comfortable, percale has become a popular choice due to its incredibly breathable features. Available in four sumptuous shades, Ultra Percale is the perfect way to incorporate subtle color into any home.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

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