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pure parima egyptian cotton towels

Pure Parima is excited to launch our own Egyptian cotton towels and washcloths very soon! Continue to put yourself first with luxurious bath towels for a self-care routine that is guaranteed to keep you feeling fresh and oh-so clean. Take a look at some of the reasons why we recommend elevating your routine with the softest Egyptian cotton towels, coming soon.

Highly Absorbent

Due to the extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton towels are extremely absorbent and very durable, keeping you dry and more comfortable for longer. These rare fibers create a more porous, sponge-like quality that allows moisture to become absorbed more quickly. Whether you just stepped out of the shower, or are in the middle of your face wash routine, our Egyptian cotton towels will keep you feeling refreshed and pristine each and every time.

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

Luxuriously Soft & Plush

Just like our beloved Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers, our towels also provide extra softness. The Egyptian cotton fibers result in a plush, fluffy towel fabric that you can enjoy wrapping yourself up in. Eliminate harsh, abrasive cloths that are rough on the skin, and opt for a more relaxing and comfy towel that soothes and dries comfortably. 

pure parima egyptian cotton towels coming soon

Authentic & Safe

Certified Egyptian cotton and OEKO-Tex certified safe from harmful chemicals, our new Egyptian cotton towels are authentically pure so you can be sure you are receiving genuine Egyptian cotton with the assurance that it is safe for long-term use on your skin. Always check the labels of your bed and bath linens to ensure transparency and protection. At Pure Parima, we take time to develop our products to be sure we are providing the best quality for your satisfaction and peace of mind.

pure parima egyptian cotton certification

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