Colder Weather, Warmer Bedding

pure parima egyptian cotton warm bedding

Skiing and snowboarding sound good in theory. However, on the most freezing of winter days, many of us prefer to skip the snow and ice and curl up in a cozy bed. Unfortunately, not all bedding sets are up to the task of keeping sleepers warm in the heart of winter. At Pure Parima, we offer a wide selection of products to revamp your bed from top to bottom. Our goal is to turn your room into a space you hate to leave in the morning and dream of coming back to all day. 

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep doesn’t just prepare you for working and studying. It also impacts your health and has a significant effect on your mood throughout the day. Research shows that inadequate sleep can lead to a host of negative side effects, including problems with metabolism, heart and circulatory systems, and immune function. Moreover, failing to get enough rest can result in increased rates of anxiety and depression. If you want to get more sleep during the chilly winter months, it’s crucial to ensure your bed is a warm, soft, restful place where you feel comfortable enough to drift off to dreamland. 

Best Bedding for Winter Weather

Winter bedding needs can vary from one person to the next. However, most shoppers are seeking warmer, more luxurious items than they may require during the summer months. Here are our top picks for winter bedding to help you get more rest regardless of how much the temperature dips. 

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

There’s a reason Egyptian cotton sateen sheets are the gold standard for winter bedding. At once sumptuously soft and warmer than percale, sateen feels like silk against the skin while offering all the health benefits of cotton. Made from certified Egyptian cotton, our Triple Luxe Collection boasts triple embroidered stitching and a subtle stripe pattern that melds well with your existing decor. Choose from an array of shades including Teal, Arctic, Black, and Nickel.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Down Duvet Insert

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re shivering. One of the best bedding choices for winter, a down duvet insert provides warmth without overheating. Made from responsibly sourced, certified eco-friendly White Goose Down, our duvet inserts work well for all seasons. Featuring a fill power of 600+, these duvets are beloved for their naturally large clusters that remain light and fluffy no matter how many times you toss them in the wash. Additionally, you can feel confident that your duvet will last for years, thanks to the double-stitched seams and three-dimensional baffle box construction. Plus, a 100 percent cotton cambric shell helps prevent overheating. Purchase this insert in sizes full/queen or king/California king.

pure parima down duvet insert

Down Pillow Insert 

Anyone who’s lived in a chilly climate knows that a great deal of heat is lost through the head. Moreover, a pillow that doesn’t support your neck can make it hard to sleep regardless of the season. A solution to stiff necks and chilly winter weather, down pillow inserts from Pure Parima, features a medium-firm texture to keep you comfortable. With a 600+ fill power, these European Goose Down pillows have natural large clusters and double stitching to prevent poke-through. Lustrous satin piping completes this rich look. Be sure to pair your down pillow with an Egyptian cotton pillowcase in percale or sateen depending on your preference.

pure parima down pillow insert

Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set - Final Sale

When the mercury drops, many of us go searching for an extra blanket. Not only do spare blankets offer much-needed warmth, but they can also up the coziness of your bed and help you drift off. A great choice for snuggling up during the winter months, our Diamond Quilted Coverlets are currently available on their final sale. Soft and aesthetically pleasing, these sets feature a coverlet with a petite diamond reversible pattern and matching shams with sateen backs. Each set is made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton. They come in an array of colors, including classics like Linen and Soft Peach and more striking shades such as Midnight. Choose from sizes full/queen and king/California king. It’s the perfect way to stay warm while upgrading your bedroom style.

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Make Pure Parima Your Choice for Bedding

One of the benefits of shopping at Pure Parima is that all our sheets bear the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval on the package. That means they’re manufactured using 100 percent Egyptian cotton and no substitutes. Additionally, we make all our products without the use of harmful chemicals or substances. The result is that you and your loved ones can go to sleep worry free on the softest OEKO-TEX bedding you’ve ever owned. Shop our sheet selection today and start getting more rest. 

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