Choosing the Right Towels for Summer

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

Indulge in pure bliss this summer with the cozy bath essentials that will have you enjoying every last second of your next shower routine. Once you find the right towels, you’ll perfect the art of self care, each and every night. Choosing the best towels doesn’t have to be stressful, just take note of a few key factors and you’ll be enjoying your personal spa in no time!

Choose Egyptian Cotton

When it comes to the material of the towel, Egyptian cotton provides enhanced softness and durability. The extra-long staple fibers are made to increase longevity and give you comfort for years to come. With high absorbency and a plush handfeel, Egyptian cotton towels will continue to keep you dry and comfortable all season long. 

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

Look For a High GSM

If you want a quality towel that is soft and absorbent, look for towels that are a gsm of 400 or higher for a thicker, more durable fabric. Our Egyptian cotton towels are 800 gsm for a luxuriously plush and remarkably soft hand feel. Towels with a low gsm are rougher and more likely to pill and fray due to constant usage. Ensure your towels are of high quality so you can count on your towels to do what they’re made to do.

Prioritize Durability

Since it gets so hot this time of year, you may find yourself taking even more baths and showers as compared to your regular routine to cool off, so make sure your bath linens can withstand the usage and wash cycles so you can continue to rely on them throughout the entire year. A durable towel will be of a thicker density and made with quality materials. Our Egyptian cotton towels are also OEKO-Tex certified and safe of harmful chemicals so you can be sure you are using non-harmful linens on your body. These types of chemicals can also damage the cotton fibers in the towels, leaving them both unsafe and short-lived.

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