Choosing the Right Pillows for Neck Pain Relief & Comfort

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If you are someone who frequently experiences discomfort in your neck or spine after what’s supposed to be a good rest, you may be using the wrong pillow. This seemingly simple bed essential is actually extremely important when it comes to good sleep and personal comfort. Take into consideration your needs to help guide you when choosing the perfect pillow for you.

Memory Foam Pillows

If you are looking for something that is very firm and conforming, memory foam pillows may be right for you. The foam allows for your head to create a unique shape within the pillow that fits just right. However, memory foam can be difficult to maintain. The foam inside the pillow prevents it from being easily tossed in your washer and dryer. Another downside the memory foam is the fact that while it helps to create a mold of your head, it can be uncomfortable on your neck due to the intense firmness.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are known to provide adequate neck and spine alignment and comfort for a restful sleep. The responsiveness factor plays really well with these pillows and can help you sleep better. That being said, latex pillows are known to be on the pricey side and can be uncomfortable for hot sleepers. These pillows are prone to moisture build-up and can cause unnecessary sweat in the neck area. 

Feather Pillows 

Pillows filled with feathers like goose down provide enough comfort and support to keep you comfortable all night long. Whether you are a hot or cool sleeper, the fill inside will allow for high breathability, if it is of quality down. European White Goose Down is known to be the best down fill for your pillows and duvets renowned for its natural large clusters, which provide toasty warmth, ultra soft comfort, and long-lasting wispy light fluff that remains, wash after wash. Down can be expensive, however down alternative pillows can provide quality comfort by mirroring the comforting texture and warmth of genuine goose down. Our down and down alternative pillows are medium-firm, for the ideal head and neck support for every type of sleeper.

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