Celebrating Relaxation Day in Pure Parima Sheets

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

When Sean Moeller was in fourth grade, he came up with a unique idea. Believing that people needed to take time to slow down, relax, and enjoy life, Sean founded National Relaxation Day in 1985. His goal was to give people a break from daily responsibilities like working and cleaning the house and encourage them to practice a little self-care. 

Decades later, Relaxation Day is a national holiday and an important opportunity for Americans to escape their hectic lives. In fact, studies show that stress can have a profound effect on health and contribute to a number of chronic conditions. If you want to live a longer, healthier life, reducing stress is essential, and National Relaxation Day is a great reminder to focus on wellness.

Looking for a special way to celebrate Relaxation Day? Consider doing something that will help you stay calm and tranquil every day of the year. At Pure Parima, we provide Giza Egyptian Cotton bedding to help customers create bedrooms that are both stylish and soothing.

How Your Bedroom Affects Your Mood

It’s no secret that your home decor has a profound impact on mood. This is doubly true for the bedroom, where people spend between seven and nine hours a day on average. Not only is your room the first thing you see when you wake up and the last you see before you go to sleep, but it’s also a haven: a place to escape the stresses and challenges of everyday life. 

The good news is there are steps you can take to make your room a more soothing place on National Relaxation Day and every day. For example, simply changing the color of your bedroom walls or swapping out your sheets with a higher quality set can have a positive psychological effect. Keep reading for some of Pure Parima’s top tips for celebrating this all-important holiday with a master bedroom makeover.

Revitalize Your Room in Honor of National Relaxation Day

Want to turn your bedroom into a place you long to retire to after a long day? Here are some tips for creating a fantasy bedroom that’s both visually appealing and perfect for relaxing.

Select Softer Sheets

You can’t truly relax in your bedroom if your bed is less than comfortable. With that in mind, your sheets are one of the most important purchases you’ll make. After all, sheets come into direct contact with your body, and a lower-quality set could cause you to toss and turn. If you really want to rest easy, switch out your old bedding with some manufactured from certified Giza Egyptian cotton.

Wondering what sheet style is right for you? For an elegant look that’s also modern, we recommend the romantic Ariane Collection. It’s available in an array of colors, including white, icy blue, and gray, so you can choose whichever shade makes you smile. Featuring self-colored scroll embroidery, these Egyptian cotton sheets boast a sateen weave that feels like silk against the skin.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Along with offering exceptional breathability, which makes them a great option for hot sleepers, Egyptian cotton is ideal for those with sensitive skin. It’s also incredibly durable, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your new investment anytime soon.

Add a Warm Blanket

It’s hard to feel relaxed and cozy if you’re cold. If you want to ensure your room makes every day Relaxation Day, a heavier blanket is key. In fact, research shows that thick and weighted blankets make people feel safe, like someone is wrapping them in a comforting hug.

While it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to choosing an extra blanket, focusing on texture can help turn your room into a soothing haven. We love the look of a thick faux fur throw or a textured coverlet like this Diamond Quilted Set. Made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton, the set comes complete with a luxurious blanket and two matching shams featuring sateen backs. You can up the coziness factor while adding to your throw pillow game.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set

Incorporate a Little Nature

Still at a loss for how to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary? Try bringing a little of the outside in. According to studies, adding houseplants to a room can go a long way toward reducing stress levels. However, shoppers without green thumbs can still benefit from the healing power of nature. Think about decorating with dried flowers or natural materials, like wood and stone. You can also incorporate bedding that features the colors of the Great Outdoors. For example, our Hira sheet sets are available in nature friendly shades like linen, peach, and spa.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Find Certified Egyptian Cotton at Pure Parima

There’s a reason that customers consistently choose Pure Parima certified Egyptian cotton over the competition. Made from extra-long staple fibers picked in the Nile River Valley, Giza Egyptian cotton is exceptionally breathable, meaning it will keep sleepers cool on even the hottest of nights. Additionally, this durable material resists pilling and tearing and holds up even after hundreds of washes. Customers can rest assured knowing every Pure Parima product they buy bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. For the softest, most luxurious sheets and the best night’s sleep, shop our selections online today. We look forward to helping you create a master bedroom that truly inspires relaxation.

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