How to Wash Egyptian Cotton Sheets

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton has earned its spot as one of the most desirable bedding materials on the market. Featuring extra-long staple cotton fibers that resist breaking and pulling, this yarn is at once durable and sumptuously soft. While your Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases are likely to stand the test of time, there are steps you can take to keep your bedding soft and beautiful. Fortunately, maintaining your sheets is relatively simple. At Pure Parima, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate sateen and percale bedding in a wide array of sizes and styles. Read on for our top tips on preserving your sheets for the long haul.

Pre-Treat Your Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are known to be strong and well made. However, even the most expensive bedding can suffer stains. If you notice any small marks on your sheets, dab at them with warm water and a small amount of detergent prior to washing. For larger stains, you can treat them with a stain remover spray, taking care to squeeze out any excess moisture after. You should also be sure to use a duvet cover so you don’t have to worry about laundering your comforter too frequently; doing this can cause the filling to break down.

Machine Wash Your Sheets

Unlike silk sheets and pillowcase, which tend to require hand washing, your Egyptian cotton bedding can go right into the washing machine. To protect your linens, be sure to wash them separately from other items. After all, the zippers and hooks on clothing can damage sheets in the washer. You should also turn your pillowcases and duvet covers inside out and close all the zippers so they don’t catch on the fabric. For best results, set the washing machine on the gentle cycle and use cold water to protect the color of your sheets and bedding. You should also avoid overstuffing the washing machine so items can get thoroughly cleaned.

Skip the Fabric Softener

Many of us are used to pouring fabric softener into our laundry with every load. However, when it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s best to skip this substance. The fact is that Egyptian cotton is incredibly breathable; in other words, air can pass right through so you don’t wake up soaked in sweat. However, the porous quality of cotton means that fabric softener can fill the spaces in the yarn. Over time, this substance may cause your sheets to become rough and stiff rather than soft and silky like you intended.

Dry Your Sheets or Hang Them on the Line

While it’s great to put bedding on the clothesline – Who doesn’t love a set of fresh-smelling sheets? – few of us have the time to hang sheets outside these days. The good news is you don’t have to hang your sheets to protect the integrity of the fabric. On the contrary, it’s fine to toss your sheets in the dryer when they come out of the wash. For best results, shake your sheets first to get out some of the wrinkles. Next, set the dryer on a warm rather than a hot setting to avoid shrinking. While dryer sheets contain chemicals that may harm the natural fibers of your Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s fine to use felt wool dryer balls. Finally, you should remove your sheets from the machine as soon as they’re dry so they don’t get wrinkled.

Store Your Sheets in Pouches

Once your sheets come out of the dryer, you should put them back on the bed immediately or store them in a pouch for safe keeping. Not only does a container protect sheets from damage, but it also keeps them from getting dusty when they aren’t in use. Stow the container in a dry part of the house that’s well ventilated and not too warm. The good news is that Pure Parima provides a custom storage pouch with every set of sheets we store, so you don’t have to go searching for a container that fits your bedding.

Need more tips on maintaining your Egyptian cotton sheets for the long haul? Check out our Care Guide for instructions on washing, drying, and ironing your bedding so you can enjoy it for years to come.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets fabric pouch

Trust Pure Parima With Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There’s a reason people consistently choose Pure Parima over other bedding brands. Cosmopolitan’s choice for the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets on the Market, our products are certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, meaning they’re made with 100 percent extra-long staple Egyptian cotton picked in the Nile River Valley. For an extra luxurious night’s sleep, consider the Hira Sheet Set, featuring contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Deliciously soft and silky, these sateen sheets are available in an array of colors, including Ivory, Tan, Soft Peach, Icy Blue, and our new shade, Midnight. Shop online today to experience a better night’s rest.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

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