Bold Bedroom Design Ideas Sure to Make an Impression

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When it comes to bedroom decor, neutral tones used to be all the rage. However, these days bold interior design styles are gaining in popularity. After a year of drudgery, many of us are looking for ways to inject a little fun and freshness into our homes, and dramatic bedroom decor is a great way to switch things up with regard to style. From bolder fabric hues to striking accent walls, here are some ways to add excitement to your furnishings, courtesy of the team at Pure Parima.

Darker Hues

All-white bedrooms may remind people of a stay in a five-star hotel. However, today’s trendy shoppers are now looking to incorporate darker hues into their homes. In particular shades like gray and carbon are gaining popularity in a big way. If you want to try out the trend, consider picking up a set of charcoal sheets. Rich and relaxing, this shade will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

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Statement Headboards

Of course, the bold bedroom trend extends beyond sheets and duvet covers. An increasing number of homeowners are looking to make a statement with their headboards, as well. For a look certain to catch the eye, turn your headboard into a focal point by incorporating bright colors or a playful pattern. In particular, tufted headboards with a bold hue are trending in a big way for 2021.

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Nature-Inspired Looks

After a year of staying inside, many people are seeking ways of getting in touch with nature. This trend is now crossing over into bedroom decor, with style-minded homeowners looking to incorporate more greenery. Floral prints are a popular option for both bedding and wallpaper. You can also consider adding plants (real or fake) to your bedroom as a way of bringing the outside in.

Stylish Accent Walls

If you love the idea of bold colors but don’t want to commit to painting your entire bedroom, an accent wall may be the way to go. Fresh and modern, accent walls add depth to a space while making the overall room feel cozier. While black is a popular choice, you don’t have to go this dark to achieve a memorable effect. Accent walls also look incredible in shades of blue, gray, and even green. For a less common option, create a single natural plank wall or use a removable wallpaper. That way, you can unpeel it if you change your mind down the line!

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