Things to Help you Reduce Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month! Pure Parima knows that life will never be stress-free, but that doesn’t mean we can’t control it! We take the impact of chronic stress seriously (check out our blog on stress and immune health), so we want to do our part in raising awareness of healthy ways to deal with the stresses of life! This month we’re posting blogs every week on different ways to de-stress.

In our last blog, we discussed some totally free techniques to de-stress. If you’re the type of person who shops when they’re stressed: buy these things to de-stress and break the stress shopping cycle!

At Home Spa Day

Stuck at home due to quarantine? That doesn’t mean you can’t have a relaxing day at the spa! All you need is a facemask, fluffy robe, and comfy slippers. Take a hot shower to relax all of your muscles. Once you’re feeling clean and refreshed, slip on your robe and step into your slippers. Use the face mask as instructed (throw some cucumber slices on your eyes for added spa effect)! Light your favorite candle or try this Stress Relief candle from Bath and Bodywork’s Aromatherapy collection.

If you want to finish your relaxing spa day with a movie night, pop some popcorn in this Lekue Popcorn Maker. This silicone bowl lets you control how much butter and salt you add for healthier snacking!

Relax Your Body

It’s no secret that stress can manifest in our bodies as pain or tension. And sometimes, our stress is caused by pain or tension in our bodies! By relaxing your body, you can relax and de-stress your mind.

If you’re suffering from headaches, buy this KESITIS scalp massager that you can even use in the shower!

Try this heated foot massager for foot pain:

To release tension from your head to your toes, check out this Tratac ActiveBall Massager:

Relax Your Mind

Meditation is a great way to control stress! By clearing our minds and focusing on positivity and lightness, we can greatly reduce the negative effects of stress. If you have trouble telling if you’re “doing it right”, invest in the Muse S Headband! This special headband gives real-time feedback on your brain signals, breathing, heart rate, and body movements. Use the headband and guided meditation to practice better mindfulness and feel the tension leave your body.

If meditation isn’t your thing, try clearing your mind another way! Buy a 52 Lists journal and complete one a week. Each list prompt directs your mind towards positive parts of your life. Or, buy an adult coloring book that has soothing images to color! Get a color-by-number book to eliminate the stress of choosing which colors to use. 

Bedroom Refresh

A good night’s rest is a powerful remedy for stress. Make your room a calm and comfortable place to be with some of these products.

Buy a plant to liven up your space! Indoor plants can be an inexpensive way to decrease stress. According to a Japanese study, people who kept small plants on their desks at work had less stress and anxiety. Even low-maintenance plants like succulents can decrease stress. Researchers reported that the “mild attachment” to the plant may have caused a small but meaningful emotional response that further enhanced the positive effects of the plant.

Sometimes, to clear our minds we have to clear our environment. If your room is cluttered, check out this article from Woman’s Day for ideas on sleek and stylish ways to organize your room and make the most of your space!

Most importantly for a good night’s sleep, you need a comfortable bed. The best bed sheets start with quality raw material and are soft and breathable. Shop Pure Parima’s certified Egyptian cotton products for luxuriously soft and breathable sheets.  

We hope these products help you de-stress! Check back next week for our next Stress Awareness blog.

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