How to Upgrade your Bedroom for Fall 2023

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

You don’t have to wait until the weather changes to swap out your decor. On the contrary, summer is a great time to start upgrading your bedroom to reflect the latest trends. Whether you want to try some new colors or incorporate additional textures, there are plenty of ways to spice up your interior design while celebrating the coziest of seasons. At Pure Parima, we believe the bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax from the stresses of life. From luxuriating in Giza Egyptian cotton sheets to layering accessories, here are some of our top tips for creating a bedroom that you’ll long to retreat to after a long day.

Earth Tones

Pastels may be popular in spring and summer. However, fall is a logical time to embrace your earthier side. That’s good news, as natural shades are trending in a big way for 2021. Along with tans and taupes, style-minded shoppers are embracing warm browns and mossy greens. To try out the earthy trend, consider these Hotel Collection sheets in rich carbon. Crisp and cooling, this luxury line is reminiscent of the type of bedding you’d find in the most extravagant of hotels. Prefer something with a more contemporary feel? We love these embroidered Giza cotton sheets, available in fall-friendly tan and linen.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Textured Fabrics

Silky smooth fabrics feel great against the skin. However, if you want to boost your bedroom style points this fall, consider incorporating some textures into your decor. Layer your Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers with throws and accent pillows featuring an array of fabrics. We’re especially fond of chunky knit blankets for those chilly fall nights. Mix things up by incorporating some velvet throws pillows in your favorite jewel tones for a look that screams autumn extravagance. Looking to up the comfort factor? This charcoal-gray lumbar pillow provides the support you need for a sweet night’s sleep.

Mix and Match Patterns

Don’t be afraid to add some adventure to your bedroom decor. As of 2021, blending patterns is officially on trend. For best results, stick to a single color palette such as blues and greens or blacks and whites. It’s also a good idea to play with scale, including a mix of larger prints and smaller ones (think two or three smaller patterns with one featuring a larger print). Balance out your bold choices with neutral colored sheets and bedding.

A Touch of Nature

As the temperature plummets, you might be spending more time indoors and less out in the world. Fortunately, there are ways to bring the outside in on even the chilliest of fall nights. Natural colors like linen, tan, and charcoal are a great way to get back to nature, so consider incorporating them into your sheet sets. Additionally, you can celebrate the beauty of Mother Earth through your accessories. Consider night stands with natural stone tops or a dresser featuring a light wood stain. You can also choose some throw pillows and curtains with floral prints or ivy patterns.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Graphic and Abstract Art

Bold designs are a great way to add some autumnal intrigue to your bedroom. In particular, abstract graphic art is a big trend for 2021, since it provides a pop of excitement and whimsy to the earthy, neutral color palettes that tend to be popular at this time of year. Spice up earthy bedding shades like tan and russet with a bold print featuring fall favorites like rust, eggplant, gold, and forest green. You can opt to hang a few smaller pieces or display a single oversized art print over the bed so it’s the first thing someone sees upon entering the room.

Cozy Comfort

As you prepare for the onset of fall, you might be looking for ways to create a cozy haven from the outside world. Fortunately, the right duvet cover can keep you warm while providing the comfort you need to deal with whatever life throws your way. For a luxuriously soft choice, consider the Triple Luxe Sateen Duvet Cover from Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection line. Along with the sumptuously smooth opaque duvet cover, the set includes two matching pillow shams. Want to add even more cozy comfort to your space? Layer your bed with sheets, duvets, coverlets, and throws. Plenty of accent pillows complete this luxurious look.

 pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Beautify Your Bedroom with Help from Pure Parima

It doesn’t matter how visually stunning your master bedroom is if the bedding doesn’t spark joy. That’s why Pure Parima goes above and beyond to ensure all our sheets and duvet covers are of the highest quality. To that end, every product we sell bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Customers can feel confident knowing items they purchase are made with 100 percent Giza cotton that was hand picked in the Nile River Valley. Ready to create a magazine-worthy bedroom that’s also a retreat from the world? Shop our sheet selection today and start sleeping easier. We look forward to getting to know you.

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