Best Benefits Of Using Luxury Bath Towels

pure parima luxury bath towels

Are showers just another part of your day? Do you rush through the bathing process, only to step out into a cold bathroom before heading off to work or climbing into bed? While we might not be able to give you the spacious master bathroom of your dreams without a costly home remodel, we can take steps to help turn your shower experience into one that’s more peaceful and pleasant. At Pure Parima, we’re excited to offer a broad assortment of luxury bath towels in addition to our Egyptian sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers. Designed to bring five-star spa luxury to every private home, our towels are soft, absorbent, and impressively long lasting. So you’ll be able to enjoy them that much longer. Keep reading to learn more about what constitutes a luxury bath towel and discover how this small indulgence can make a big difference in your days. 

What Constitutes a Luxury Bath Towel?

It’s easy enough to pick up some bath towels at your local big box store or order them off Amazon. However, the odds are those discount towels won’t swathe your skin like a warm hug or hold up for years to come. If you want to purchase truly luxurious towels, it’s important to do your research. Here are just a few factors to consider when buying new bath linens:


When you say the phrase “luxury bath towels,” you probably think of materials like Turkish or pima cotton. However, it’s our opinion that the most deliciously soft towels are crafted from long-staple Egyptian cotton. Representing just a fraction of the world’s cotton supply, this material is at once silky soft and delightfully durable. So you don’t have to worry about your favorite towel coming apart in the wash. The end result is less money spent on bath linens over the long haul.

pure parima luxury bath towels

Additionally, towels made from this material are known for being highly absorbent. This quality is particularly important when choosing a luxury towel that tends to be heavier. The result is bathers dry off in seconds – something that’s crucial on those chilly winter mornings. 


Starting with premium materials is essential when it comes to crafting a high-end towel. However, the manufacturing process is equally essential if not more so. If you want a towel that holds up for years, maintaining its softness and appearance after multiple trips through the wash, choose a brand like Pure Parima that’s devoted to quality. And because all the company’s bedding and bath products are made without harmful chemicals or toxic substances, you don’t have to worry about your family’s health. You can feel good about the products in your home.


One of the best reasons to choose luxury bath towels over the alternative is that they tend to be bigger in size. It’s akin to wrapping yourself in a blanket after a bath or shower. At Pure Parima, we provide two sizes of towels so there’s sure to be an option for your needs and preferences. Measuring in at 30 by 56, our standard size towel is great for guest and teen bathrooms. However, for a master bath, you may want to consider the more indulgent bath sheets. Measuring 40 by 70, this selection is ideal for the dark days of winter. Wrap yourself up while you’re doing your hair or makeup in the  morning.


Just because a towel goes in the bathroom and not the bedroom doesn’t mean aesthetics are unimportant. On the contrary, a fluffy, creamy-hued towel can add much-needed warmth and comfort to your bathroom. A few perfectly positioned hand and bath towels, coupled with a basket of silky soft washcloths, can go a long way toward turning an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa that’s both clean and serene. 

Premium Bath Towels From Pure Parima

If you want to up the enjoyment level of your daily bath or shower, consider investing in Pure Parima’s line of premium bath towels. Crafted from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton, these luxury bath towels are crafted using extra-long staple fibers and an air jet dobby loom. Boasting a GSM of 800 and a creamy white hue, the towels are both sumptuously soft and exceptionally absorbent. So you don’t have to worry about standing around dripping on chilly mornings or frigid evenings. As a bonus, the grey Pure Parima embroidered logo adds extra style to your space without overwhelming or clashing with your current decor.

pure parima luxury bath towels

Additionally, Pure Parima towels feature a smooth weave. Unlike lesser-quality linens, which can cause skin rashes and irritation, the silky feel of Pure Parima towels is guaranteed to protect both skin and hair. So you don’t have to worry about breakage when you’re drying off at the end of the night. 

One of the advantages of choosing Pure Parima towels over the competition is that there are plenty of size options. Along with the standard and bath sheet sizes, customers can pick up hand towels from our online shop. Measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, these hand towels are perfect for upping the style quotient of your guest bath. Additionally, Pure Parima offers 12 inch by 12 inch washcloths perfect for drying your face or cleaning up when you’re in a rush. 

Finally, shoppers should note that they won’t have to wait long to receive their new purchases. Pure Parima towels and bedding are delivered free with fast shipping 365 days a year. As a bonus, they come in sustainable packaging. So you can feel good about your contribution to a brighter future. Note that you can also return your towels for free within the specified timeframe. 

Caring for Your Towels

It’s worth noting that all Pure Parima washcloths and towels are machine washable. Simply wash them in a load on their own without clothes featuring hooks or zippers. The last thing you want is snags in your luxury linens. You can hang your new towels on the line or dry them in the machine. 

pure parima how to care for towels

Get a Great Night’s Sleep With Pure Parima

Since 2018, Pure Parima has been supplying premium Egyptian sheets and bedding to help customers sleep easier. Unlike many of the products bearing the Egyptian cotton label, Pure Parima’s bedding is all certified by the Cotton Egypt Association for authenticity. All our bedding products are manufactured using 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. Additionally, our bedding bears the OEKO-TEX label, so you know it’s made free from harmful substances and chemicals. Whether you’re in the market for deliciously soft sheets, complexion-friendly pillowcases, or towels that will wrap you up like a warm hug, Pure Parima is your source for quality and comfort. 

Wondering if Pure Parima bedding or bath products are right for you? The good news is we offer a risk-free trial on all sales. Use your new purchase for 100 nights, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, simply return it within the time frame for a full refund. Shop our selection today and discover the benefits a little luxury can make in your routine. We look forward to showing you the Pure Parima difference and becoming your bedding supplier for years to come.

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