Benefits of Duvet Covers

certified egyptian giza cotton duvet cover

Once upon a time, bedspreads were the final word in blankets. However, times and trends have changed, and today shoppers have a wide array of options when it comes to keeping warm on chilly nights. These days, an increasing number of people are opting for decorative duvets over other forms of bedding. Along with offering more flexibility, duvets come with an array of benefits, including the fact that they’re typically used with a washable duvet cover. Keep reading to learn more about duvets, duvet covers, and the advantages of this bedding option over the competition.

What is a Duvet?

If you aren’t familiar with the terms duvet and duvet cover, don’t fret. The truth is that duvet is simply the French word for "down" and refers to a soft blanket filled with down or a synthetic fiber. These days, many people are using duvets instead of thicker comforters and bedspreads. And because duvets are typically used with a duvet cover, you don’t necessarily need a top sheet. Duvet covers come in a wide array of colors, styles, and materials, though many shoppers appreciated the softness and durability of a certified Egyptian cotton duvet cover.

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Duvets Versus Comforters

If you’re thinking of buying new bedding, then you might be wondering how duvets and comforters compare. The biggest difference between these purchases is that a comforter is one item while a duvet is typically two (the blanket and the cover). Additionally, comforters feature evenly distributed, heavier filling and quilting, while duvets are often lighter and fluffier. If you’ve ever dreamed of falling asleep beneath a big cloud, a duvet might be the way to go.

Benefits of a Duvet Cover

So, what is a duvet cover, anyway? Basically, a duvet cover acts for a duvet as a pillowcase does for a pillow. Additionally, duvet covers allow you to show off your sense of style. Read on to discover the many benefits associated with duvets and duvet covers:

Make the Bed With Ease

Do you struggle to make your bed in the morning? One of the best reasons to swap out your comforter or bedspread for a duvet is to make this process less of a hassle. Because the duvet cover acts like a top sheet, you don’t have to deal with as many layers when making the bed. Additionally, duvets are typically warm enough that you don’t need extra blankets. The end result is a sleek, perfectly assembled bed that you’ll long to climb into at the end of the day.

certified giza egyptian cotton duvet cover

Protect Your Comforter (and Pores)

Regular laundering is crucial to protecting the longevity of your bedding. One of the biggest reasons to go the duvet route is that it makes laundering your bedding easier and less time consuming. While comforters take forever to dry, you can simply strip your duvet and toss the cover in the wash with your sheets. 

Additionally, washing your bedding helps protect your skin. Over time, dust, dirt, oil, and other allergens collect on the surface of your sheets and pillowcase. If you continue to sleep on your dirty bedding, you could easily wind up with clogged pores, acne, and other signs of skin irritation. Washing your sheets and duvet cover every couple weeks will help reduce allergies and keep your pores clean. As a bonus, your Giza Egyptian cotton duvet cover will get softer with every wash.

certified giza egyptian cotton duvet cover

Easily Swap Styles

One of the biggest benefits of using a duvet cover is that you can easily switch up your style without spending a fortune. While replacing a comforter or bedspread is often prohibitively expensive, duvet covers tend to be more affordable. Simply pick up a duvet cover in a new color and pattern to change the overall look and mood of your bedroom.

Many duvet aficionados opt to swap out their bedding each season. For example, you might use a pastel duvet cover for summer and a jewel-toned cover for fall. A beautiful new Egyptian cotton duvet cover can add excitement to your life and boost your mood on even the dreariest of winter days.

Luxuriate in Silky Soft Comfort

Finally, the softness of duvet covers is a strong argument in their favor. While bedspreads and comforters can be rough to the touch, the right cover makes even the oldest duvet feel new and soft again. If you love the feel of silk against your skin but want to enjoy the benefits of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, then we recommend trying Pure Parima’s Ariane Duvet Cover. Made from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton bearing the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval, this set boasts a sateen weave and luxurious self-colored scroll embroidery. It comes complete with two matching pillow shams and is available in an array of hues, including white, ivory, soft peach, and linen.

Choose Pure Parima Duvet Covers Over the Competition

You don’t have to settle for inferior sleep. At Pure Parima, we offer an award-winning selection of Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers featuring all of the season’s most stylish shades. Shop online today and start getting better rest.

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