Bedding TLC- Your Guide to Egyptian Cotton Care

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets

Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Bedding helps us feel our best at night by wicking away moisture, keeping us cool, and getting softer with each wash! Follow this ultimate bedding TLC guide to care for your bedding and ensure your luxury Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets stay fresh.

Be Gentle When Laundering

You may be eager to throw your bedding into the laundry machine right away to get the job done quickly. First, however, you must take the time to care for your bedding by turning your Egyptian Cotton pillows and duvet covers inside out, ensuring that all the zippers are closed. Next, keep a close eye out for any stains that may have appeared on your linen. Finally, we must do a spot treatment on the area if we notice any staining or discoloration. We recommend mixing warm water with a small amount of detergent and allowing that to soak on your stain for 15-30 minutes before doing any scrubbing. After your spot treatment, make sure that you wring out any excess water before washing.

Wash Egyptian Cotton Linen Separately

When it is time to wash, add your Egyptian Cotton Bedding into the washer by itself. Washing other fabrics with your luxurious linens can cause friction that will wear away at your supple bedding. To keep your Egyptian Cotton Fibers strong and ensure that your color stays pure, we recommend using a mild and biodegradable liquid detergent that is free from strong stain-removing chemicals. When you are ready to add your linens, fill the washing machine halfway with water, add your detergent, and then place your Egyptian Cotton bedding on top.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets Washed


Adopt a Delicate Drying Process

Once your Egyptian Cotton bedding has been washed thoroughly, gently shake and unravel the linen as you remove it from the laundry, this helps prevent wrinkles while drying. Ideally, your luxurious linens should be line dried. However, if you do not have the time for this drying process, we recommend drying your bedding on a low-heat setting, such as ‘delicate’ or ‘permanent press’ to prevent shrinkage. To ensure that your linens stay smooth and wrinkle-free, remove them from the dryer just before they are fully dried.

Store With Care

Once your Egyptian Cotton Bedding is clean, we must regain its lustrous sheen. Utilize your iron on the “cotton” setting to revitalize the linen without damaging its natural fibers. If you find any tough wrinkles on your sheets, remove these using the steam setting on your iron. Ensure embroidery or stitching is preserved by reversing the linen and placing a towel underneath before ironing.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Proper storage for your luxurious bedding is crucial to maintaining your investment. Natural Egyptian Cotton Fibers must be able to breathe. Therefore, we recommend storing them in a well-ventilated area. In addition, we recommend using the Pure Parima fabric pouch that comes with all our bedding purchases for long-term storage. To prevent any yellowing or outside odors from seeping in, we recommend keeping the fabric pouch in a recyclable bag or box, such as the Pure Parima box that held your Egyptian Cotton Bedding.

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