Bamboo Sheets vs Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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Shoppers who are in the know when it comes to bedding are probably aware that numerous retailers have come under fire for selling products that falsely claim to contain pure Egyptian cotton. However, even the savviest buyer may be unaware that those selling bamboo bedding are also facing allegations of late. According to the U.S. Justice Department, Kohl’s Corp and Walmart are paying a combined $5.5 million penalty for selling products marketed as bamboo that actually contained rayon and other materials. Keep reading to discover more about bamboo sheets and how they compare to Egyptian cotton bedding products. 

Is Bamboo Eco Friendly?

Falsely claiming their rayon products contained bamboo is only one reason Kohl’s and Walmart are under fire. According to a joint statement by the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission, the companies also engaged in a practice known as greenwashing by representing certain products as eco-friendly. For example, Kohl’s described sheets, towels, and other products using words like “sustainable” and “highly renewable.” On the other hand, Walmart misled customers by calling products “environmentally sustainable.”

While pure bamboo is sustainable thanks to its rapid growth rate, the chemical processing involved in turning bamboo into fabric can significantly impact the environment. In many cases, companies use bamboo to make rayon with a viscose process that requires harmful amounts of both chemicals and energy. In fact, most of the bamboo products on the market are actually rayon that was crafted with toxic and hazardous pollutants. Prospective bamboo customers should do their research to ensure what they’re buying is the real deal.

Bamboo Versus Egyptian Cotton

Bamboo is getting a lot of attention in the bedding world these days. Not only do sellers often claim the fabric is sustainable, but they also tout benefits such as softness and durability. Additionally, pure bamboo sheets can be good for those with allergies. However, it’s important to remember that the same benefits may not apply to sheets made from rayon.

On the other hand, Egyptian cotton has long been the sheet material of choice for many discerning shoppers. Picked by hand in the Nile River Valley, pure Egyptian cotton is rare and luxurious. Not only do the extra-long staple fibers result in a fabric that resists tearing and pilling, but they also maintain their softness for years and through hundreds of washes. 

Egyptian cotton also wins acclaim when it comes to breathability. Ultra cooling and moisture-wicking, Egyptian cotton absorbs dampness so sleepers don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. This advantage is particularly valuable for those with skin sensitivities. For best results, seek out sheets marked by the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval so you know you’re purchasing real Egyptian cotton rather than a lesser cotton or blend. 

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