A Minimalist's Guide: How to Style Your Bedroom

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale

Find yourself having trouble unwinding after an extra hectic day in the office or have difficulty settling down in a cluttered space? Then, a minimalistic design style may be the perfect fit for you. A minimalist design style gives you the chance to rid your area of clutter by incorporating clean, simple, and soothing designs. Keep reading to learn our essentials for creating the minimalist bedroom of your dreams.

A Sleek Bed

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom which is why this is a critical element in creating a relaxing minimalistic space. Opt for a streamlined platform bed with neutral bedding rather than using a bulky bed frame or elaborate canopy. Adorn your bed in soft Egyptian cotton sheets such as the Ultra Percale Sheet set from the Hotel Collection. The Elegant Matte finish of this sheet set will bring an air of calm to your room while adding sophistication to a minimalistic bedroom. Drape the Yalda Duvet Cover Set over your high-quality Egyptian Cotton sheets to create a trendy layered bed. The Pearlescent finish of the Yalda Duvet will add serenity to your space while transforming it into a minimalist’s dream. Our High-Quality Duvet Covers are crafted with hand-picked fibers delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn to weave the most luxuriously soft double-hem stitching to promise you sweet dreams. Even the best luxury sheets are not complete without our Triple-Luxe Sateen Pillowcases from the lavish Hotel Collection.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale

Clean and Organize

A minimalist bedroom would not be complete without a deep clean. Lots of cleaning and organizing must maintain this design style. The easiest way to begin is by rummaging through your belongings and if it doesn’t make your heart sing, let it go. Now is not the time to hold on to meaningless clutter; leave it if you don’t love it. If you are having trouble getting rid of things, remember that we are ridding ourselves of things we don’t adore to make room for something we love. Having a clutter-free space is essential for feeling relaxed when you come home after a long day.

Decorate with Purpose

Rather than choosing to place décor all around your room, consider putting decorations or souvenirs in a designated area to keep your space clutter-free. Designers recommend having a dresser or table to place sentimental décor or a few pictures that you love. Additionally, adding a pop of color with a plant or two adds effortless style to a minimalistic bedroom.

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