A Master Guide to Styling with Neutrals

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheet sets

A neutral color palette for your bedroom is Timelessly chic, providing you with an elegance that never goes out of style. Pure Parima offers certified Giza Egyptian cotton products in creamy whites, soft beiges, and warm woodsy tones are the perfect color palette for a serene earthy interior. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly turn your bedroom into a Zen getaway.

Step 1: Bedding Makeover

To capture the slow Sunday morning aesthetic, we must nurture the focal point of our bedroom- the bed. Egyptian Cotton Sheets are the best foundation for a neutral bed. The Pure Parima Ariane Sheet Set is threaded with 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton and features scrolled embroidery that is elegant and romantic. We recommend this set in Ivory or Soft Peach for those looking to find the lustrous first layer of a timeless neutral bed.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheet sets

Once you have found the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for your bed, we must add a lustrous finish with a duvet cover set. The romantic Ariane Sheet Set will pair wonderfully with the exquisite and dreamy Ariane Duvet (currently featured in the Pure Parima End of Season Sale). This regal Duvet comes in an assortment of colors. Those who want to stick with neutrals may find they are drawn to the Soft Ivory set as it will add sophistication to your serene bedroom.

Once your elegantly neutral and versatile bed is layered to perfection, you can decorate it according to the season. Decorative Pillows are a great way to rejuvenate a neutral bed. Pure Parima specializes in the Hira Decorative Lumbar Pillow that features contemporary diamond embroidery on soft, silky, and lustrous sateen fabric made from extra-long, hand-picked Egyptian cotton fibers. This sophisticated and luxurious accent piece is available in nine different colors- we recommend the rich charcoal shade for a stylish fall space.

Step 2: Patterns are your Friend

Once you have established your neutral bedroom aesthetic, it may be hard to figure out how to decorate it. First, you must incorporate different patterns of décor as this is a great way to fab up a neutral space. Be bold and have no fear, as patterns you once thought were too much are the perfect pieces to give your area a style upgrade.

Step 3: Embrace Metallics

Metallic pieces of furniture are great ways to add spice and warmth to your neutral room without having to add too many bold colors if your goal is to maintain a soft and serene space. In addition, warm metallics such as aged brass will prevent your neutral spread from looking cold and uninviting.


pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheet sets

Step 4: Incorporate Texture

We have talked about adding spice to your neutral room by adding colors and patterns. However, it is also important to add different textures to turn your space into a cozy getaway. Throw Blankets can be a quick way to add an air of home to your bedroom. A stylish throw blanket can be thrown across your bed or hung atop a chair. Whether faux fur or vibrant cotton, a chic throw will instantly warm up your space.

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