A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bed Set

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Are you tired of coming home from a long day to a lackluster bed? Uninspiring? And downright dreary? We never want you to settle for a bed that is "good." We want you to walk into a dreamy getaway day after day. Keep reading as we walk you through how to maximize your style and create an everyday oasis.

Step 1: Find Your Signature Style

Confront your old bed head-on and decide what you like about it and what you could go without having. Is it too crowded? Way too bare? Are the colors too bold? Or too muted? Perhaps you like that you have many pillows or that you have Egyptian Cotton Sheets (we like that too). After you know what you will be keeping on your next bed, look at your interior design style. Is your home sleek and uncluttered? You may have a modern design style. Do you enjoy unique art and textiles with a warm color palette? Traditional interior design is right for you. Playful, bold, and artsy individuals will enjoy the boho design style.

Step 2: Upgrade Your Pillows

We must not forget that a critical factor in a good night of sleep is pillows. Our cool and crisp ultra-matte Percale Pillowcase is perfect for the modern bed set. Highlight a traditional style with our premium Egyptian Cotton Yalda Pillowcase set—a perfect match for classic style with nine different colors to choose for you to choose. Enhance your boho style with our embroidered Ariane Pillowcase Set. Egyptian Cotton Fibers ensure a silky feel for a blissful night of sleep.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Step 3: Invest in Quality Sheets

Before you invest in sheets, keep in mind the fiber content to ensure you are purchasing linens that feel good and last the test of time. Here at Pure Parima, our sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton to provide you with extra soft durability. 

Identify your desired weave, Sateen or Percale. If you prefer lightweight threading for summer, we recommend a Percale weave. Our super cooling Ultra Percale Sheet Set threads together 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton. If you want ultra-soft sheets, our Triple-Luxe Sateen Sheet Set will be the perfect fit for you.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Step 4: Shop Plush Duvet Cover Sets

The perfect bed set's finishing touch is an opulent Duvet; consider our dreamy Ariane collection in Icy blue as the ultimate finish for an elegant bedroom with classic charm. Adorn your bed with our sophisticated Yalda Duvet with strong fibers for a modern flair. Add Sophistication to your space with the Triple-Luxe Sateen Duvet from our Hotel Collection, and you will surely impress any guest.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Behind Pure Parima

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

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