A Designers Guide to Layering Bedding

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

With fall quickly approaching, many of us wonder how to create a comfortable layered bed that is pleasing to the eye. Thankfully, you do not need to be an interior designer to create an aesthetically pleasing bed. Keep reading to learn our best tips for creating a cozy layered bed that is so plush you will want to dive inside.

Find Perfect Sheets

You may be eager to get started layering your bedding right away. First, however, we mustn't forget the significance of a luxurious foundation. Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets are the perfect addition to your first layer of bedding due to the nutrient-rich area of their cultivation. Our Soft, silky, and exquisitely lustrous Hira Sheet Set is the perfect base layer for your sumptuous bed as it features a contemporary accent diamond embroidery featuring nine elegant color choices. In addition, like all Pure Parima sheets, the Hira set is crafted from extra-long, hand-picked Egyptian Cotton fibers to ensure every night feels like a twilight getaway.

Find an Elegant Quilt

A quilted coverlet, such as the Pure Parima Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set, is the perfect way for you to embrace cozy warmth while adding style and texture to your bed. This lavish Diamond Reversible Set features100% Giza extra-long, hand-picked Egyptian Cotton fibers in up to nine colors. This Quilt has been delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn to weave the most luxuriously soft coverlet to ensure a blissful night of rest. In addition, our Diamond Quilted Coverlet Is the perfect base quilt because it is a solid color and will create a great blank canvas for you to spice up with more colorful layering styles.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set

Add a Versatile Duvet Cover

Once you have added the best Egyptian Cotton Sheets to your bed and have found the perfect quilt- we must search for a classic and timeless duvet. Duvet Covers are the perfect topper for your elegant bed. Whenever the season changes or you feel like your room needs a quick upgrade, you can easily switch your Duvet Cover to match your current style. Pure Parima has the perfect diamond embroidered Hira Duvet Cover set; this 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton bedding is available in nine colors and is sure to add a touch of royal flair to your bedroom.

Utilize Decorative Pillows

Once your Egyptian Cotton Bedding is layered to perfection, we can add some spice. The best way to dress up a bed Is using decorative pillows. Of course, you need regular sleeping pillows- however, accent pillows are an essential step to upgrading the aesthetic of your space. This sophisticated and luxurious accent piece is the perfect addition to effortlessly transform any bedroom into a stylish space.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton decorative lumbar pillow

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