5 Tips to Give Your Bed a Luxurious Hotel Feel

Are you drained from long nights of unsatisfying sleep? Stressful days at work?  We would like to help rid you of that- keep reading to discover how to transform your life by changing your mattress into a sumptuous hotel bed. It is essential to create a luxurious space that will wash away the day and ensure a night of blissful rest for rejuvenated mornings.

Adorn Your Bed in Sateen Sheets

You deserve to rest your body on elegant Sateen Sheets, and this satin weave fabric will impress any guest. Specialty Sateen fabric immerses your body with a lustrous silky feel that is unparalleled. This durable fabric is a luxurious option for colder climates because it can retain heat magnificently. Where do you find Sateen Sheets? Pure Parima has launched the lustrous Triple-Luxe Sateen Sheet Set from the hotel collection. These 100% pure Egyptian Cotton Sheets are crafted with extra-long handpicked Egyptian Cotton Fibers to transform your bedroom into an everyday oasis.

pure parima triple luxe sateen certified egyptian cotton sheets

Rest on Lavish Cooling Pillows

Here at Pure Parima, we want you to rest your head at night in the best place possible. We have launched the Ultra Percale Pillowcase Set to ensure you are getting the rest you deserve. Fit for royalty, this smooth & ultra-cooling 100% Egyptian Cotton fabric will give you a 5-star hotel experience from home. The handpicked Egyptian Cotton Fibers within this pillowcase set are exceptionally crisp to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Pair your Pillowcase with our 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets to ensure you wake up every day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcase set

Invest in a Plush Duvet

The ultimate step to getting the luxury bed of your dreams is to shop our Triple-Luxe Sateen Duvet Cover Set. Gift yourself with the softest Sateen Fabric yet for a restful night and a refreshing morning. The Hotel Collection's luxurious duvet set has triple embroidered stitching, paired alongside our handpicked certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets to transform any traditional bedroom into luxury 5-star lodging.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover set

Master the Luxurious 5-Star Scent

Now that you have discovered the new Hotel Collection, here is a special tip from your Pure Parima family. We want you to capture the essence of a luxurious hotel comparable to the Ritz Carlton by enticing the sense of smell. The secret to this is Scent Branding; you must decide on your room's signature scent. What would you like your space to invoke? A vanilla fragrance in the air invokes comfort, citrus can energize your area, and patchouli makes your environment appear more sophisticated. Your guests will be amazed at the memorable intrinsic scent of your room and keep coming back for more.

Pure Parima – Hotel Collection

Add an alluring feel to your bedroom by shopping for the Pure Parima Hotel collection. Treat yourself to handpicked 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets with a 700-thread count, a plush Sateen Duvet, and Percale Super Cooling Pillowcases for a luxurious 5-Star night.

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