Sheet Set Guide


Sheets are as important as the mattress on your bed and that soft blanket that aids you to a greats night sleep. But because they come in direct contact with our skin, and especially those with sensitive skin, it could be the most important aspect when it comes to your bedding.

Due to the vast variety of choices on the market for sheets, we thought Pure Parima could help you understand labels and choose the sheets best for you.


Sheets on the market come in many different fabric types but the most popular to date due to its comfort, durability, and breathability is cotton. Cotton keeps warmth in but also allows cool air to pass making it a great fabric for all seasons. For higher quality and even more breathability and comfort, Egyptian Cotton is recommended.

Pure Parima only uses Certified, by the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), Egyptian cotton; the gold standard of cotton types. True Egyptian cotton is grown and processed according to specific stipulations set by the CEA.

Sheets may come in other materials such as linen, but due to its fabric makeup, it does not hold onto heat well and thus easily creases and wrinkles all over. Linen sheets require a lot of care, time, and ironing. Satin sheets are marketed as beautiful, shiny sheets but they retain body heat, making you stick to your sheets. On the other hand, Egyptian cotton looks luxurious and silky, feels soft, and keeps your body temperature well regulated in any temperature.


We are always told the more the better but this doesn't hold true for the thread count in sheets, which is the number of threads in one square inch of fabric. This idea began when extra threads were put in to produce and market higher thread count bedding in order to increase sales and profits. It has unfortunately been ingrained in consumers, but fret not, this informative guide is here to help.

A higher thread count does not necessarily always mean better quality. There is a sweet spot that must be achieved in the amount of thread count, too low and it is not soft enough and if one goes too high, then the fabric becomes too stiff. Instead of enhancing the quality of your sheets, higher thread count can causes more issues than it solves. To sum up thread count, a lower thread count sheet made from fibers that are softer by nature, such as Egyptian cotton, will feel silkier and softer than a higher thread count sheet made from a lower-quality cotton blend.



Choosing the right size for your mattress is essential for the perfect fit. Make sure to use size guides provided in the product description to ensure you correctly select the right sheets for your mattress. 

For nonstandard mattresses, Pure Parima has you covered. We offer extra-long twin, California king, and other nonstandard sheets to provide the perfect fit. If your mattress has foam pads or any other mattress toppers, make sure to accommodate for it when selecting your sheets.