Our Story

Pure Egyptian cotton has retained its beauty for centuries. Its long fibers are delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn, which is woven into a soft fabric. The length of fibers and purity of the material is what makes the sheets silky, smooth, and comfortable. It gives a sense of luxury, while remaining environmentally conscious and natural, as cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure 100% Egyptian cotton bedding is great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Our natural fabric absorbs excess moisture allowing your skin to breathe and aids in regulating your body temperature. Our breathable, soft, and durable sheets get even better with every wash and provides the refreshing nights' rest you deserve. Due to its rarity and the costly expenses needed to produce pure Egyptian cotton, many companies shy away or simply deceive the consumer. That is where Pure Parima is not afraid to go— producing purely 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton bedding products. With certification from the Cotton Egypt Association or the CEA, Pure Parima will only deliver 100% Certified Egyptian cotton to its end customer. 

Purpose to Bring Purity Closer to Life

The quality of fabrics sold today has declined, and the labels do not tell the full story of what is woven into the bed sheets you and your family sleep on. Most bedding products marked as 100% Egyptian Cotton are not pure. They are a mixture of inferior quality cotton and usually use less than 50% Egyptian Cotton. Consumers know the difference instantly when they touch impure sheets. There is no way to mimic the smooth and comfortable feeling of Pure Egyptian Cotton. We know our customers will love their real, luxurious bed sheets from the very first moment they experience them.

The Story Behind Our Pure Bedding

Raised by immigrant parents, Parima was born in Toronto, Canada but always kept a piece of the Middle East in her heart. With an education from Rutgers University New Brunswick, and her father’s expertise and knowledge of home textiles for more than 30 years, she set out to create great quality products and pass on the knowledge for generations to come.

Tackling Egyptian Cotton was not an easy feat but something that had to be done. With the great business ethics taught to her by her father, and the resilience instilled in her by her mother, Parima brings you Pure Parima. A brand dedicated to bringing you and your family luxurious Egyptian Cotton home and bedding products. Only the finest quality cotton is used, processed, and spun into beautiful fabric that is certified by “Cotton Egypt Association” to prove our authenticity. Our promise, from Pure Parima to you, is to always use 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton.